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Many of those wanting to lose weight put reduced on calories in order to lose excess Kilos. It leads to his body less calories than it consumes in the idle state, you will automatically lose weight.

However, to reduce the amount of energy deliberately, brings far more advantages.

Because an American study found that the sleep quality and the sex life will benefit.

Better sleep and Sex by a calories reduced diet

With their study, the scientists wanted to find out how a reduced intake of calories in the diet affects mental well-being, sleep quality and the sex life of the subjects.

For this, they divided the participants into two groups: The subjects in the first group should not alter your diet, while the control group took daily about 25 percent fewer calories than usual.

Over a period of two years, and following the study, the subjects were examined and asked about your well-being. The results of the weight control is not surprising: The subjects in the diet group had lost an average of 15 pounds. In addition, the subjects could have reported more energy and be less tense.

In addition, the General health status of the participants reduced their calorie intake had, inter alia, the blood pressure and cholesterol measured values – improved.

In addition, the people in the control group reported more desire for Sex and improving the quality of your sleep.

Thus, it could be shown that a calorie-reduced diet can increase well-being. However, you should make sure to provide his body while a diet with all the essential nutrients.

Therefore, it is recommended to put on healthy foods with a low glycemic Index such as vegetables and fruits, whole grain products and low fat proteins (see books: Logi-Guide or Glycemic index diet)

In addition, it is questionable whether a restriction of calorie intake over a very long period of time is healthy.


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