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Not only the revellers have just high season, but also the viruses. In addition to the banal cough/cold virus for a normal cold, can be in the worse case of the flu viruses in circulation. At the time, the Coronavirus is a large topic. “The debate leads to, that people make about the Hygiene of thoughts, and then to look already on a few things such as washing hands and that sort of thing – I think it’s good then actually reporting.” “I believe we should not take that lightly, but from the Bützen not coming. So, bützen power immune, I think. This strengthens the defense.” “Sneeze holding in the crook of the arm, all that stuff. What makes it just the normal flu, too.” Everyone can actively do in the “fifth Season” what is against the spread of the virus, says the head of the Federal centre for Health education, Heidrun Thaiss. “Yes, when I go in to wash his hands, when I celebrate, perhaps, somewhere on the road to the carnival or also in the sessions, then I have, maybe the music in the ear. And the carnival songs in the Cologne, which are capable. ‘Mer losse d’r Dom en Kölle’ or ‘Blootwoosch, Kölsch un e lecker girly’ – the first verse, sing or recite, and then I met exactly the right time.” Who wants to at least go in terms of flu on the Safe side, should be timely vaccinated. And with the observance of simple hygienic rules, nothing is likely to stand the party in the way.