Diclofenac 50mg

“On the Internet circulating currently, because disinfection center, are in many places out of stock, so-called instructions on how to mix Yourself for these solutions. There is, for example, a guidance from the WHO, the world health organization, which is per se a very reliable source for health information. However, you have to say, it is not a particularly good idea, a disinfectant at home, self-mixing, because on the one hand, perhaps the conditions, so the mixing ratios are not correct. The effectiveness is not given, and it protects not sufficient against viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, these solutions, at least in the formulation of the WHO are not so harmless. Since hydrogen peroxide is used. This is a chemical that can cause irritation to the eyes, which is corrosive in high concentration, which whitens the skin. You should be really careful, especially if you have children in the household. Therefore: stay away from self-mixed disinfectants. Not recommended at all. There is the possibility of a disinfectant in an absolute emergency, so if you really get no more and it is dependent on location in a pharmacy professional to a pharmacist or a pharmacist mix is. That is definitely always a better idea to do it at home, because these professionals can also work really hygienic. Also, but really only in case of emergency: For the manufacture of disinfectants, including alcohol, is required. And yesterday we had individual conversations with the pharmacies here in Hamburg place. Alcohol is also scarce and is really needed elsewhere, so, for the mixture of tinctures, for solutions in other medical fields. I just got off the phone with the German pharmacists Association and the speaker has confirmed to me that a disinfectant should really be used only in an emergency, for healthcare workers and the chronically Ill. Healthy people should simply wash their hands. This is a very useful and very good method. And it is a method that really goes anywhere. It costs nothing and is easy to apply. 20 seconds, the hands, soaping, rinse thoroughly and dry the hands well dry. And then it is also protected from infection.”