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Fear is a part of life as the salt in the soup. It is, of course, and sometimes unavoidable.

Who is shying away from the hot stove, not responding is unusual and not unreasonable. But what if constant fear of being overshadowed everyday life?

Then Action is called for, says author Caroline Foran. “Anxiety can slow down Affected greatly.”

But each have it in Hand, his Fears a little and get more self-confidence.

From phobia to panic

Anxiety disorders in different manifestations: to be A Form of phobias – specific Fears, for example spiders, or tunnels.

Are also widespread socio-phobias. Affected grayed out, it is certain to sit in interpersonal situations, in a lecture before a large audience, perhaps, or in front of it, together with others at a table and eat.

“The fear of the other to be assessed and for not being good enough held is, at the centre,” says Prof. Markus Banger. He is the chief physician of the Department for addiction disorders and psychotherapy, LVR-clinic Bonn, Germany.

Also, the generalized anxiety disorder is common. Affected are permanently in care. They fear to lose the job – although there is no evidence.

Or you live in constant fear that close relatives have a serious accident. “A generalized anxiety disorder is often associated with depression,” says Banger.

Panic attacks are another Form of anxiety disorders. The attack comes in raids, and accompanied with violent body reactions – shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating Shaking.

Affected to believe, in these situations, sometimes even dying.

Therapy and medication for Fears

Anxiety disorders can have different causes. “About 30 percent of the Fears, there is a genetic Basis,” says Banger.

For the remaining 70 percent of medicines, drugs, physical illness, history of experience and acute events of their lives.

In the case of severe anxiety disorders the patient should be on professional help and the doctor about psychotherapists to consult. Can help, a behavioral therapy, possibly combined with medication.

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Mindfulness for anxiety

However, in many, not-so-severe cases, all of which are plagued by Fears can help yourself. Caroline Foran has many tips and strategies.

One of them is the mindfulness exercise: anyone Who feels the next Time you get nervous or anxious, the feeling initially aware of. The goal is to focus his attention on himself and his feelings and thoughts – “even if it is unpleasant”, as Foran says.

And so it goes: Inhale and to four counts, then exhale and to eight count. “This Exercise five times and repeat until the pulse has slowed.”

In the next step, the attention goes in the direction of the feet and lower body. You anchored yourself, feel the ground under your feet, breathe in and out. The mindfulness exercise can be, for example, before an exam or a lecture is helpful.

Reflection and relaxation

A different approach: his Fears to make. You sit down and write as much detail as possible, what are you afraid of, actually.

“Sometimes it can be a first step to Overcome his fear, if it rips then the piece of paper into many pieces,” says Banger.

Can help speak, according to the experts, about your Fears with your Partner or with good friends: “such A conversation can help to qualify any feelings of anxiety.”

Very helpful in anxiety disorders in addition to play sports or to practice relaxation exercises – for example, in the Form of Yoga.

The specific disaster scenario

What may help, according to Foran also: the so-called fear of Hacking. Here, you can sit down and analyze what might be going on in the Situation that you are afraid, wrong.

In the next step, it presents all the possible disaster scenarios and asks: What if?

“What if you, for example, this would tell a Person the truth,” says Foran as an example of the fear of Hacking. The reality is, the expert is often not as bad as the own disaster scenario.

It comes nevertheless, you will get through it. “It is, in fact, prepared for the worst and can handle thanks to this strategy, the better,” said Foran.

Fears not avoid

Fears you can encounter and sometimes simply with more Serenity. “You do not need to make it clear that all events in life,” explains Foran.

It is not always in the Hand, whether you lose your Job – but you can develop professionally and to take his chances on the labour market increase.

For Fears, their triggers can be to influence, the following applies: you and seek a solution. To avoid situations in which you are afraid, just – it doesn’t help.

On the contrary: “The may make the anxiety worse and the quality of life of the Affected severely,” said Banger.

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