Diovan and muscle cramps

On ash Wednesday, the lent begins. So how do you do it, the asceticism for 40 days to pull that off?

With ash Wednesday the season of lent will be ushered in. Six weeks of the surrender, the commandment is. While a regular Detox with Hollywood Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow is nothing New, to find more and more German Like in the temporary waiver. According to a study by the health insurance company DAK health, more than half considers it appropriate to abstain for a certain period of time on luxuries or consumer goods. At the top of the list: alcohol, sweets and TV. Each Fourth is to spend less time on the Smartphone and Computer. All in all, a reasonable thing to do. But how can you hold out? Click here to read the top five tips…

Positive thoughts

Lent begins in the mind! We all have habits with which we have to go to the most on the nerve. It was at dinner or in dealing with the Smartphone. It is best to make a list with everything that you would like to change. And also note, what’s promising – it’s motivating. This will be a day remembered, on his or her personal intentions to the best good visible somewhere.

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Setting realistic goals

The most important rule for a successful waiver: to set more realistic goals! It does not have to fast the classic curative or juices and soups based Detox cure can be. Rather, it is to break a few nasty habits, and to restore a healthy level.

Diet – instead of setting the

What relates to the nutrition, so you are doing something Good, and if you strike for the next 40 days, sugar, finished products, and alcohol from your diet. If that’s not enough, you can even omit the coffee – it makes the most sense, when the consumption exceeds the morning Cup of far. Many Stars propagate a waiver of dairy and wheat products. However, if no incompatibilities are present, speaks nothing against the consumption – as an Alternative, you can grab pasta, bread and co.just to the whole-grain version.

With habits to break

The so-called Digital Detox is all the rage. And if you consider how much time we spend in front of the Smartphone, Computer, or TV, is quite reasonable. Nevertheless, a difficult catch, unless you are planning a vacation on a deserted island. Our tip: Who makes his automatisms aware of and ensures to create Smartphone-free zones in his home, already achieved a lot. Who schedules his time in front of all the screens, specifically, will quickly realize how good it feels to be offline. Especially when you realize how little you missed it.

Together, fasting and exchange

It fast easier, it is so beautiful. The best time to plant the waiver with a boyfriend or girlfriend, then you can replace each other and motivate. Also, what you have communicated – so you should announce the resignation quiet large. This generates the necessary pressure that you sometimes need to hold on!

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