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The Problem is of the essence. How much, that’s what makes Dr. Michael Wnning in a single sentence more than clear: “Theoretically, I could be naked to work, and me afterwards, to disinfect,” he says in an interview with the star. The head doctor of the emergency and acute medicine at the Hamburg hospital raises the Alarm. It’s about the simple, but important protective coat, borne by the hospital staff on a daily basis for OPs, as well as in contact with Corona or other infectious patients. “A maximum of 14 days,” the kingdoms of the inventory yet. Replenishment? No Chance. The world market was practically empty. And from manufacturers abroad – for example in France or in Poland – had to get because of the export stops nothing. Wnning: “We can’t get you!” He started, therefore, even a request for Aid.

The last few minutes

"No one is in Corona ersticken", the doctor says. But how do you die from the Virus?

Many people will also die for us, Covid-19. But how to leave this world, when the Virus in the lung for devastation? Painful? Without Consciousness? We asked an expert.

Because the demand is huge. Alone, the Hamburg hospital, it’s not needed according to the purchasing 550 of the Kittel on the day of, or less than 16,000 in the month! And in other clinics in Germany, in case of emergency, surgeries and old people’s homes, it look hardly different, white Wnning as an Advisory member of the Executive Board of the German society of interdisciplinary emergency and acute medicine (DGINA) very well. Actually a cents article – a protective coat normally costs between 35 and 45 cents – have soared the prices due to the lack in height. “Reputable providers now require 2.50 Euro per coat, but there is nothing to get”, describes how to Wnning the dramatic Situation. “Rogue providers demand a whopping ten to 20 euros per coat.” Even if the hospital wanted to get into it – in the huge quantities needed, is priceless.

Dr. Michael Wnning, 47, chief doctor of the emergency and acute medicine at the Hamburg hospital asks: Is there still somewhere unused stocks of protective coats which could be made to the hospital? Who would, or otherwise help, please contact me at the E-Mail: [email protected]

Protection coat: raw material is also used for masks

The Hamburg health authority “the urgency is known,” it said at the request of the star. Orders for Protection, gowns and jumpsuits were as well as for gloves, thousands of litres of disinfectant and 50,000 goggles already been issued. “Several times a week partial deliveries of the Federal Ministry of health, of Personal protective equipment in Hamburg”, the communication of a authorities spokesperson. But: “Rarely in the announced amount.”

“I’m not reproaching anybody,” emphasized the chief doctor Wnning. The Hamburg health authority to do everything in order to obtain sufficient protective equipment. The Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) attests he has an “excellent Job” as a Corona-crisis Manager. “What is not there, you can not obtain.” To compound the problem, the raw materials of the fleece coat will also be needed for the medical FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks. As with the more expensive masks have a better business, will increase the deficiency as a result.

All parts of the equipment could be just

What to catch up to Germany now, that is hardly protective medical equipment will in this country produces, writes Wnning then. Having initially focused on the procurement of masks, had been correct, because the Coronavirus ride through droplet infection fade. However, the example of the protection coat show: “We need to keep all the equipment in the view.” Not exclude, that it covers in the case of the OP, Even gloves and goggles will still be a bottleneck.

In order to meet the acute Kittel deficiency, the shopping and doctors at St. Mary’s hospital creative. Doctors and nurses could kill as a palliative Patient gowns and garbage bags to tighten, says Wnning. Also thin OP-be aprons part of the Consideration. And even a painter’s coat. But: “A DIY 120 has not since maybe out of stock”, so Wnning, “that’s enough, Yes, by far.” As almost historic solution to the 46 feels to buy-Year-old back protective coat made of fabric. “I know from my beginning of time”, so Wnning. The Problem here is that The fabric coat for further use to prepare, takes three days. It would take, accordingly, three times the amount.

Swedish Model

Stockholm Doctor about the pandemic: "Sweden and Germany are not vergleichbar"

Schools, Bars, Restaurants – everything is still open. Sweden tried it with the rather loose measures to be taken against Corona. However, the mortality rate is significantly higher than in other countries. A Doctor reported on the situation in the hospitals.

Corona: What if the next wave is coming?

Such make-shifts Wnning and his Team are now preparing. But the head doctor has not given up hope completely. He has launched a helpful call, hopes to “Support the industry” or that “there is still somewhere stocks”, which could be made to the Marie hospital. “I would have thought at the beginning of my career, never that it would come to this,” admits Wnning. On the one hand, to try out high-tech devices, on the other hand, there is a lack of simple coats.

One was particularly worrying: The defect was created, although the Corona cases in the North of Germany currently hold in limits. But, so Wnning: “What happens when the next wave comes?”

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