Doxycycline rash

You can see in the Video: the Berlin police solves rally against Corona pads.

The Berlin police broke up an unauthorized Demonstration. Several Hundred of the participants had on Saturday in the center of Berlin gathered to protest against restrictions of public life, which were imposed in the Wake of the spread of the Coronavirus. Assemblies in the open air of up to 20 participants are allowed. But only if you are from infection protection a legal point of view is acceptable. The police step in, because several of the protesters should not have the prescribed distance of 1.5 meters to the next Person followed. The organizers wrote on their website that they are fundamental rights, and a transparent design of the new economic rules by the people themselves. Participants were asked on the website, at the event a minimum distance of two meters to comply with and to wear face masks, the you should ask for the police staff. O-TON PROTESTER WITHOUT attribution, “We have looked at us now for four weeks, Yes, can now tell roughly what the proportions of this pandemic, it stops really. And, to be quite honest With the Numbers we have at the moment, I don’t see the Whole thing as a justification for people to continue to lock up.” O-TON PROTESTER BIRGIT HAGENOW “We have so many Doctors in Germany, and one hears always only one: Mr. Drosten. And the not obvious to me at all.” O-TON PROTESTER LOIS willow-head, “But at the end of the Placebo-effect of-crazy-make-failure is much worse, in my opinion. The actual infectious just the anxiety and not the Virus.” Demonstrations cannot be prohibited by a decision of the Federal constitutional court in General, with reference to the Corona-restrictions. Rather, there is still a margin to allow, under certain conditions, the court on Thursday in a decision.