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Experts from the Imperial College in London are warning of a dramatic increase in the deaths by Malaria, HIV and tuberculosis in poorer countries. The researchers reported on Tuesday that the Corona pandemic in combination with other infectious diseases, the health systems and medicines supply in less-established countries seriously. In the next five years are likely to die, according to the model calculation of more people to Malaria, HIV and tuberculosis as the novel Coronavirus.

Against both HIV as well as tuberculosis and Malaria, there is now a cheap and effective treatment and means of Prevention. Nevertheless, almost three million people worldwide die each year from these diseases, the vast majority of them in countries with low or middle-income.

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Fear of Corona infection

Already now, people in dozens of countries to avoid according to the researchers, out of fear of a Corona infection, doctor’s offices and hospitals. Also the supply situation with drugs as well as antiretroviral treatments against HIV is tense accordingly.

For the study, which was published in the medical journal “Lancet Global Health”, the Team examined four different scenarios for the course of the Corona pandemic. The most significant interruptions of anti-retroviral treatment for HIV would be Infected In Parts of southern Africa, then up to ten per cent more people could die of HIV than without the Coronavirus induced lung disease Covid-19.

In the worst calculated in the case of the deaths could increase by tuberculosis in southern Africa by 20 percent. As before, tuberculosis is the world’s deadliest infectious disease. The deaths due to Malaria could increase, according to the study alone is due to the interruption of campaigns for the distribution of mosquito nets to 36 percent.

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