Diflucan dose for onychomycosis


Electronic cigarettes obviously trigger in the mouth cause an inflammatory reaction, the conditions for gum disease creates. This is probably caused by the carrier material of the E-Liquids, as a study suggests that in the journal "Science Advances" was published.

In the study, the researchers looked at the composition of the bacterial community in the mouth and throat of the participants. In the case of those who have used daily for E-cigarettes, agreed largely with the Findings, which have been observed in patients with diseases of the gums. The results further indicate that the Vapor from E-cigarettes bacteria in the mouth with a mucus layer to be plated. This leads on the one hand, that you can escape the defense mechanisms of the body, and on the other hand, it prevents the colonization of healthy bacteria communities – the best conditions for gingival inflammations.

The research team assumes that the glycerol – and glycol-containing carrier material of the E-cigarettes caused these changes, because in different flavors and nicotine had on the changes in the oral Multiple no influence, but only the duration of the use of E-cigarettes. They observed, moreover, that both Smoking and the use of E-cigarettes encourage inflammation, but in different ways.

The long-term impact of E-cigarettes on the human health is still largely unknown. To get a glimpse of how E-cigarettes affect the oral bacteria, were used 123 healthy individuals, including 25 smokers, 25 non-Smoking, 20 E-cigarette users, 25 former smokers who had switched to E-cigarettes, and 28 smokers of both traditional as well as E-cigarettes, examined. From the dental plaque of the participants in the bacterial composition and metabolic activity of the bacteria were determined.