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The hope for an end to the Ebola epidemic in Africa was smashed. “I can confirm a new outbreak of Ebola in Mbandanka,” said Minister of health Eteni Longondo on Monday.


Infusion bottles to broom stems – why the Corona’s Figures from Russia are unlikely to vote

The new Ebola wave in the West of the country had already lost four people to the victims, according to the Minister, according to the investigation of samples at the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB).

The outbreak of the dangerous disease, which is already the tenth in the Central African giant’s Kingdom had been declared at the beginning of August 2018. Overall, the world died since then health organization (WHO), more than 2200 people.

Ebola is hard to get a handle to

The outbreak was particularly difficult to handle, because in the area a number of militias fighting. In addition, distrust of the Ebola prevails in the population of responders. The so far most serious Ebola outbreak was in 2014/2015 in West Africa, at that time, more than 11,000 people were killed.

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Nature is relevant to the system

Hirschhausen’s urgent appeal: "If mother earth is in the ICU, we dreckig"

Nature is relevant to the system

Hirschhausen’s urgent appeal: "If mother earth is in the ICU, we dreckig"

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Nutrition report 2020

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