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A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo has observed that people in the presence of another Person tend to eat more frequent, smaller Bites. The bottom line is, the study participants ate as much as without the company.

Researchers from Japan had asked whether people – so like animals in the wild – in the company of smaller Bites to eat as a alone, but more frequently to access. To find out, have you observed Volunteers while eating potato chips. They found that people tended to second-actually to eat several smaller portions. Due to a hidden scale, they found that they were study participants in total, the same amount they ate, regardless of whether with someone or alone. The researchers ruled out a direct competition for Food, each got a separate plate with the same amount of Chips.

As you observed, the Change in the eating habits in all participants as soon as they were in society, the scientists of an automated, unconscious behavior: The people involved had not decided to change your eating habits, but have done so without thinking about it. From this the researchers conclude that this is since long time part of human behavior: How the "quick and einfache" Looking for food in the wild animals have it used by our ancestors, probably, in order to maximize their food intake in the presence of potential naysayers, and to reduce the likelihood that a meal from a competitor is stolen.