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The vast majority of people in Germany Wearing a mask for effective protection – according to a recent survey, 80 percent.

In contrast, a small proportion of the population that wants to boycott the mask duty. For the formation of opinion of these people, social networks are a fertile breeding ground.

Claim: governments should no mouth-nose cover or in the stores require. Each store owner can decide the “self,” it says. This is accounted for by the house rules.

Assessment: The Coronavirus regulations of the Federal States, the mask mandatory in the retail trade require binding. The right of a store owner is not above this law.

Facts: A mask is mandatory in the retail trade is currently in all 16 Federal States. This is based on the infection protection act. It allowed the authorities to take measures, which can avert the risk of communicable diseases.

“The legislature has clearly regulated that the customers must take retail to a mouth-nose protection”, says Peter Schröder, legal expert of the trade Association Germany (HDE), the German press Agency on request. “The regulations are effective and to be complied with.”

The mask duty is permitted, courts confirmed in lower Saxony and Bavaria. At the beginning of may, the Bavarian administrative court and the lower Saxony higher administrative court rejected motions to allow the provision to repeal.

In both cases, the judge assessed the Benefit of the mouth-nose protection higher than the temporary restriction of the freedom of fundamental rights.

The mask is not adhered to duty, threatening fines. Who has to pay them and how much they differ, set the States.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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