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To make your waist as narrow as possible, the group of women in such tight corsets that they fell due to too little air in series in a swoon.

Fortunately those days are gone.

A wasp waist is a real eye-catcher. Only: Without a corset there’s no way to targeted Exercises.

This has Packed the Berlin fitness trainer Katja Believer now in a crisp Workout Video the while gasping for air, but with the Beats of the Spice Girls at least really fun.

1. Diagonal Mountain Climbers, 3 x 20 reps

The slightly badder Mountain Climber: Instead of the pushup position, pull the knees in the fast change “only” to the breast, rotate you alternately to the right and to the left.

This makes the Exercise a little more dynamic.

20 Times you put on the legs, then a short breath follows a break before you get two more passes through.

2. Pointer, 3 x 30 reps

This Exercise is called in English as well as abdominal press.

From the all-fours position on the basis you pick up first the right Arm and the left leg from the floor and put you.

Then knee and elbow pull you under you to each other, and even curved and pressed together so that your belly.

The Same repeat with the other Arm and leg. Overall, you should so three Druchgänge á 30 designs to come.

3. Hip Rotation 3 x 15 reps

As the Name suggests, this Exercise to a Rotation of the hip.

Starting from the pushup stance you’re up to your hips alternately to the right and to the left of you, until almost to the floor.

Make sure that you stay straight and your hip doesn’t run off. If you do it right, you realize that it is quite exhausting.

To make try 15 repetitions, and to create three rounds.

4. Side Toe Touch 2x 20

Now it is first, at least temporarily, a bit more comfortable.

Because for the next Exercises, you lie on the side and support yourself with your forearm on the ground.

Range your middle and lifting your overhead leg as high as possible before you put it back on your lower leg.

You feel like your edges to work to keep your leg up? So it feels the way to a wasp waist.

Visors per leg for two runs, each with 20 Beinhebern to.

5. Side Plank, 2 x 12 repeat

Go for the Side Plank into a side Plank. Contact with the ground only your right forearm and outer side of your right Rim. Of your body you think is in the air.

If that enough already: totally fine! But Katja Believer would not hot Katja Believer, if you would not think that there is more going on.

Try about just your abdominal area to tighten up and draw a little higher towards the sky, before you come back into the straight Starting position.

Terrific, if you manage to get so twelve Times up and down twice per page.

Alternatively, it is also effective, if you can make it to remain for a Minute in the straight Starting position.

6. Bike Ride, 3x 40 sec.

The air bike is available in two different levels of difficulty.

If you go directly into the Full want to, you can put it to Katja and to start out of the seat with your legs in the air and Bicycle – only with your arms to the back supported.

For the lighter variant, you lie on your back and cycle from there.

So or so it should be the best 40 seconds in a total of three rounds.

Small waist: Even the diet is important

Small damper for those who thought that it should be done: it doesn’t work unfortunately.

Because for a small waist, it also needs a healthy diet. “Because without these will not melt fat, 100% of the belly” , have Katja with your Followers.

As is so often notice really values results also in terms of the “wasp waist” is only in the combination of a healthy diet and exercise.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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