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A short Crash-course on mindfulness meditation was enough to make meditation newcomers are more resistant to pain and negative emotions: In the following experiments, they reacted to the heat and the disturbing images less sensitive when applying the previously learned techniques.

After a 20-minute guide to mindfulness exercises 17 Volunteers, who had not previously gained any experience with such meditations were, both with pain and heat stimuli handle on the forearm as well as with images triggered negative emotions better if they applied the newly learned techniques. In the brain scans showed that the brain activity that was associated with pain and negative emotions decreased when the participants in mindfulness exercises led by: At the highest temperatures, the intensity of the brain activity as the participants would be exposed to only warm temperatures and not the heat.

The neurological changes were not in areas of the brain, where conscious and rational decisions to be made. Therefore, the scientists suggest that the mindfulness techniques that change the brain on a subconscious level.

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Since there is no long practice of meditation is necessary, Doctors could make use of this effect may be to treat physical and mental problems of their patients, for example, for the treatment of chronic pain. In the current study, the study participants learned an Exercise for the more acceptance. If you felt the heat on your Arm, should you choose to accept the feeling, without judgment about whether it feels good or bad.