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As a Teenager, I’ve grown to quickly and remained quite thin. In the summer vacation at the beach, I have never felt really comfortable in my body.

1.89 m in height and almost 60 pounds of body weight I had a 2009 kind of too lanky. At the latest, when I signed my first modelling contract, it was clear for me: I want to change something.

Patience and positive Thinking is important

A buddy had been trying forever to drag me to the Gym, and eventually I am called then finally. Even if it took a while until I saw the first results, has the Sport started to make me really fun.

That was ten years ago now. Resistance is the most Important for me.

Not every diet tip is worth gold

I don’t believe in Crash diets, which are abandoned after a short time, to then eventually start from scratch. For me it was a learning process. I talked a lot with friends, but quickly found that you can only partially give tips.

You need to get to know his own body and a lot of trial and error. What works well, what makes me fun? To force something makes no sense, because you’ll never last long.

My mates have set, for example, low fat cottage cheese and oodles of noodles, I could not back just as much to thank for. Today I have found a good Balance. Pay attention to sufficient fruits and vegetables, give me but a kebab.

Strength training is the key

During the Workout I put on a Two-Split: I train either chest and the triceps or back in combination with biceps, and each Time the abdominal.

I’m doing two to three times per week.

Since I have been playing since my Childhood football, I need no additional leg Training. Break, I’m actually never longer than a week, otherwise, the re-entry just to be difficult, and I tend to cancel and the second and third week.

In addition, it is just a pity, if the muscle mass breaks down, for which I have worked long and hard. Today, I weigh 60 to 90 pounds and am very happy.

Nicolas tips to keep

On Instagram (@nicolashasni) motivated by the Model of his 14,5 thousand. Followers.

Anna Lena Grudziadz

There are in this Winter snow? March winter phenomenon makes hope

PCP Is there in this Winter snow? March winter phenomenon makes hope

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