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The coronavirus pandemic has completely disrupted the sports world. The NBA season is on hold. The MLB’s season is up in the air. For tennis players, the French Open has been postponed until September, while Wimbledon announced last week that it was totally cancelling the event in 2020.

But tennis pros aren’t letting their quarantines get them out of shape—they’ve taken the game online. Roger Federer, for one, is giving free tennis lessons to fans. Meanwhile, Andy Murray started the #100VolleyChallenge with his wife Kim over the weekend, encouraging tennis fans (and other pros) to join in.

A challenge to all tennis players and fans… The 💯 volley challenge. There was no bickering during the filming of the video 🙄, although I think the last volley was aimed at my head… I can’t be the only one that wants to see Rog and Mirka hitting a few balls together…🎾

“I’m using a kid’s racquet though… if it goes to sh*t, that’s my excuse,” Kim says in the video before they get to volleying.

“We’re calling out everyone in the tennis community and their partners to try the 100 volley challenge,” Andy says after they crush it, with “Black Betty” by Ram Jam rocking in the background.

Like other fun internet activities, the challenge quickly caught on.

Novak Djokovic also did the challenge with his wife Jelena (and their dog).

Idemooo the 💯 volley challenge was too easy for @jelenadjokovic haha bravoo 😂👏🏼💪🏼. Thanks for the fun nomination Kim and @andymurray!

Keep the challenges coming!!! 🔥 #100volleychallenge #tennisathome #stayhome #teamdjokovic #nolefam

“Andy, thanks for nominating everyone in the tennis community. We feel like we can match the challenge… let’s see if we can make it,” says Djokovic, with Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” for their musical accompaniment.

“If you’ve got any more challenges, we’re here, we’re available…we’ve got all the time in the world,” he laughs after completing the challenge. “This is the funnest part of the day!”

Jamie Murray (brother of Andy Murray) also did the challenge with his wife Alejandra.


Here We Go! #stayathome #stayactive #stayhealthy #tennisathome @atptour @HibernianFC

When Divij Sharan and his wife Sam took on the task, they went above and beyond the call of duty. The pair bragged about surpassing the 100 volley standard.

Had to try the Murray challenge in this Murray household. We lost count but definitely got over a 100 🙃 @sammurraysharan #teammurraysharan @andymurray @atptour #100volleychallenge #stayhome #tennisathome @lottotennis @head_tennis

Even if you’re quarantining solo, you can still try the challenge. This guy used a wall:

#100volleychallenge @andy_murray the wall is the partner 😉

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