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A cough and a little fever: Many people are looking for currently, out of concern about the new Coronavirus to their family doctor with symptoms, they would have recovered from other home. In some houses, doctor, and the overflowing waiting room – which can be in the case of doubt, a breeding ground for contagions provides, not only for the new Virus Sars-CoV-2. What to do?

“First call, and not directly in the practice race,” says the spokesman of the German family doctors ‘ Association, Christian jewelry. “Because if you should be really ill, then you have the Yes not necessarily in a fully occupied waiting room with already weakened immune systems clean to wear.” Currently, non-Covid-19 itself, but the consulting expenses for insecure people in the foreground standing in the house doctors. “The uncertainty is kind of the biggest issue.”

Main work? “Talk. Communication.”

“We are currently being bombarded with telephone requests and patients due to complaints, make representations,” says the Chairman of the Mediverbundes, the General practitioners Werner Baumgärtner in Stuttgart. Also at the Cologne-based house doctor, Andreas Koch, there is sometimes a long queue of patients. He has found a fast method to possible Sars-CoV-2-Infected away from other patients at a distance. All regular appointments, he has cancelled for capacity reasons, and in the morning in front of the door, each waiting to query the individually, as the GP explained. “At the Moment talking is my main work. Communication.”

Of all patients with a common cold infection he had written down the names and then sent back home, explains chef. Then he called you and asked about to stay in risk areas such as China, Iran and the North of Italy and to the exact symptoms. Based on this, he decide if he paid the patient a home visit or outside of office hours isolated einbestelle. The great advantage of a family doctor was that he knew his patients well can assess.

An Alternative is to call the family doctor to turn to with questions about a possible infection at the nationwide number 116 and 117 of the cash-in-medical emergency services. However, this number was overloaded in the past few days, intermittently. Also in the case of emergency services, the calls are increasing. The Berlin fire Department called via Twitter already, to make Demands to the Coronavirus not about 112 run. As in Berlin, in many places, regional numbers of questions were set up, comprehensive information to the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) also offer on their websites.

The common cold is more likely than Covid-19

Concerned people should make it clear: Currently, a cold or a flu infection is many times more likely than Covid-19. To not stress often enough is That so many measures such as school closures and cancellation of events will be initiated is due to the fact that it is in the new lung disease to a particularly dangerous. Covid-19 was a mild disease, basically, is a kind of cold, which survived mostly quickly or to feel from the start is hardly to be stressed, the renowned virologist Christian Drosten.

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit

A virologist in the guest post: to stop Why the Coronavirus is – what is important now

The Background of the measures, the other is An unbridled wave of Infection could practices, among other things, full waiting areas and doctor, took intensive mean beds and overburdened health services. The better it succeeds, the Rate of the infections to keep payments small, the lower the pressure on the medical system and the society, Drosten will. It’ll make a huge difference, whether the spread of the wave is distributed in a population, and within a few weeks or two years, to a large extent be detected.

Regional Covid-19-Centers

In the next few days, the number of infections will rise to a foreseeable more clearly – and the concern in Parts of the population will tend to increase. New solutions are then asked. The Association of Physicians in the state of Baden-Württemberg, calls for Central Authorities to Discuss a possible infection with the Coronavirus. Also Mathias Berndt, the chief of the family doctors Association in lower Saxony, considers the establishment of regional offices is necessary. “We need to separate the patient flows”, says the General practitioner. In lower Saxony the establishment of such regional centers is already provided.

Also, the Berlin Charité has set up at the Campus Virchow-Klinikum, a separate investigation Agency for people with Sars-CoV-2-suspicion. Citizens with appropriate Concerns that would otherwise go to the emergency room, to apply there. “I’m curious how the response will be,” said Charité-Executive Board Ulrich Free at the beginning of the week. The solution was perhaps a model. Berlin’s health Senator Dilek Kalayci hopes to come quickly to a large-scale structure of regional distributed centres for the clarification of cases.

The centres could provide emergency departments and other calls such as house doctors relieve and the staff there protect. There will be a vaccination at the earliest in one year, and may be transmitted to Doctors and nurses, as well as every other person. He should not jeopardise his Team, stressed about the Cologne house doctor, and Andreas Koch. “If we are put in quarantine, we can do nothing more.”

Protective equipment is scarce

One aspect would be almost the end of the protection materials, such as breathing masks. These were currently in use in many offices to run out, says the baden-württemberg country Manager of the NAV-Virchow-Bund, Brigitte Szaszi, from Sachsenheim. “Due to the production losses in China, we are in this area of the world in the foreseeable future prior to a replenishment problem,” said lower Saxony’s Minister of health, Carola Reimann recently. And also the boss of the cash-medical Federal Union (KBV), Andreas streets, says: “The reason was that the General practitioners in their practices are not nationwide, are sufficient, if the number of suspected cases is on the rise.”

The outbreak of the disease

Day-care centres close? Are airports prepared? The 40 most pressing questions about the Coronavirus

We are in discussion with the Federal Ministry of health and all Stakeholders to be able to quickly remedy and protective clothing provided where it is needed. “There needs to be clarity about how the Doctors, the necessary Material can get,” says streets. Capacity problems in the Tests on the Virus there. “If a doctor considers such a Test from a medical point of view is appropriate, then he should do it.” It was a throat swab that will be analyzed in a laboratory.

About 200 to 250 laboratories are currently employed, according to the professional Association of German laboratory physicians (BDL) nationwide, with Tests on a Sars-CoV-2. “Two-thirds of all laboratories and it more and more each day, which can make these Tests,” says BDL-speaker Thomas Postina. Currently, to go in the labs quietly. “The labs are not overloaded due to the Coronavirus.” The Tests on the flu, played currently by far the larger role.

Good hand hygiene is important

Every person can even shake to do something to protect yourself and others – about about hand hygiene and the absence of the hands. In Essence, the new Coronavirus is transmitted, however, through the breath and when coughing. In spit droplets of it flying about a Meter and a half wide. It is useful, therefore, to consider on which events you go to and how you can avoid the dense crowds of people. “In certain Places in Germany, the everyday will have to be restricted to a piece,” said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU).

Mindfulness is required, especially in dealing with people in the risk groups: cancer patients in chemotherapy, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or Diabetes body going back damage. On the vast majority of deaths go back. According to the current data, the Covid-19-the death rate is 0.3 to 0.7 percent, as the virologist, Drosten says. This means that out of 1000 Infected will die from 3 to 7. Probably the actual Rate is even lower.

It can be wise to postpone the visit at the grandparents prefer if it was just in the North of Italy. Or to the critically ill neighbors, to spare him the shopping in the supermarket. Experts advise in addition, especially the elderly and chronically ill people to receive vaccinations against whooping cough, pneumococcal and influenza vaccination. Whilst this offers no direct protection from Covid-19. Someone is but ill already in the lungs, would be for him to an infection with Sars-CoV-2 is especially dangerous, as it is about the Berlin health administration.

It is good to be attentive and careful – at least as important is to maintain a good level of Serenity and peace.

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