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The Federal government decides to always more far-reaching measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus curb. Already now the effects of the crisis are felt everywhere, even in the retirement home Haus St. Martinus in North Rhine-Westphalia, Grevenbroich. As in almost all the facilities nationwide, the visiting hours are limited here, too, rigorous. For Marika Radermacher, this is not a Problem. It is, therefore, not alone, the 77-Year-old. “That’s not so tragic, that the visit is restricted, so the housemates are very sociable and nice places to run here.” The 89-Year-old Heinz Schwarz is unimpressed. “It is cautious, but afraid I don’t have. I keep up on my Hygiene according to and be anywhere, what, and when, then I am also the hands on the Wash. Everything is so like..” Change in the use must Surlemont care assistant Manuela. You should recently keep 1.5 to 2 meters distance to the residents. Their work could no longer run like she was used to. “This is a restriction for everyone, both for the residents as well as for us. We have a Situation, as we must now all, Yes.” Increasingly more complicated the situation in the field of disabled aid. In the house of St. Vitus in Neuss, 28 people live. The restrictions have consequences far-reaching: Some of the residents are dependent on the proximity of other people for therapeutic reasons, other the loss of a brings practiced daily routine is completely messed up, reported to the area Manager Björn Segger. “It is very bad, because there’s also the little bit of normalcy, the attempts have been made daily in the work is put in it, which is then cut off even more, because you are only allowed to visit one hour for example or when visit, then only on the outside.” People with disabilities or chronic mental illness are also affected significantly more often from health complaints, the institution of the institution. For you special protective measures should be taken.