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Finally, the Design that you have for months in my head became reality, a new Tattoo adorns her skin. But how to maintain it and ensure that it heals well and in the end just looks like it should be? To ensure a problem-free healing of your new tattoo, it is very important that you deal with the right Hygiene and care after Tattooing. The following answers to the key questions, help.

How to take care of the Tattoo after the Stabbing?

The advice for aftercare depending on the tattoo Studio is a bit different. To you by your tattoo artist, according to the Pierce instructions on how to treat the Tattoo. In General, you send a professional tattoo artist with a disinfected, immediately after applying hand lotion and it is foil-Packed Tattoo home.

A fresh Tattoo is like a graze and are therefore susceptible to infections. Make sure you have a thorough Hygiene, wash your hands before touching the Tattoos always. Otherwise, it could ignite the Tattoo even. The better the wound heals, the more beautiful looks of the Tattoo. You have to wait about three hours until the slide of the loosening of the skin.

It is normal that under the film of blood and wound water collect. Wash it gently with lukewarm water. You can then blot the spot dry. Make sure that your hands are freshly washed and is best disinfected. Creams the Tattoo three to five times a day, at best manage to do that with a neutral pH and zinc free panthenol ointment, for example, this special tattoo cream. It contains seven per cent, Panthenol and Vitamin E, to moisturise, and the itching of the wound healing reduce.

Always remember that a fresh Tattoo is a fresh wound. Should be easier to scab, must solve this by itself, otherwise you risk damage to the Tattoo and skin infections. In the first one or two nights, you can cover your Tattoo again with skin tape and cling film to protect it at night. Apply a thin layer of Tattoo ointment on the Tattoo and then the foil. In the morning, repeat the process of washing as described above.

How long do you have to apply lotion to a new Tattoo?

Depending on the healing process of the skin, you should apply lotion to the Tattoo for two weeks day, two to three Times. A thin layer ranges from perfect. Always keep in mind that your skin needs time to heal. You have to be patient and be kind to your skin. This applies in particular to UV-radiation, because after Tattooing in an eight-week Sun is not allowed. You need to avoid direct sunlight on the affected area and may also not to the Solarium. The same is true in the first one to two weeks for Sport and attached to profuse sweating.

What cream is best for Tattoos?

A zinc-free panthenol ointment is best for tattoo care. There are various ointments in the pharmacy or even online. These ointments are suitable and available online:

So you get the Tattoo in the long term

In the long term is recommended, the Tattoo is always a tattoo cream with UV protection to provide, so the colors will not fade for a long long time something of your Tattoo.

Vaseline is good for a Tattoo?

Perfumed creams as well as petroleum jelly should be avoided for tattoo care. Vaseline can fat your skin too much. Wound – and healing ointments donate valuable moisture and actively support the healing process.

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