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Workers in Germany have to adjust due to the Coronavirus to stricter Hygiene and infection protection requirements in the workplace.

For the gradual return of more employees in the future to grab new nationwide uniform rules, which the Federal Cabinet has decided.

“Anyone who works in these special times, need special protection,” said Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) in Berlin.

Minimum distance from walls and partitions

Specifically, it is determined, among other things, the principle that a distance of at least 1.5 meters to other people is also applicable in the case of work – in buildings, Outdoors and in vehicles.

For this, barriers, markings, or access rules need to be implemented.

Where this is not possible, be alternatively, installing partition walls to. Also, this is not feasible, to the employer’s nose-to-mouth-coverings for the employees and also for customers and service provider.

In many supermarkets, protection concepts can be implemented already a model, said salvation, and pointed to markings on the floor and installed plexiglass Windows to the funds.

Little contact among employees

The work processes in the company should be organized so that Workers have as little direct contact with each other. This applies for breaks, shift change or the presence in the office. For Employees, the principle applies: “Never sick to work,” said Heil. Who have symptoms such as mild fever, to leave the workplace or stay at home until the suspect is medically cleared.

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No recommendations, but binding rules

If it were a binding set of rules, said healing. The authorities would monitor compliance with random checks. However assuming that the company will adhere to the requirements. In the discussions to the new rules, employers and trade unions were on Board. The aim is not to burden the economy with offences, and threats.

Especially many of the smaller companies soon to be operating again, faced with the challenge of working to bring protection, Hygiene and health protection, said the managing Director of the German Statutory accident insurance, Stefan Hussy. If you wanted this advice, because they have different than a large company not have its own experts for this.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

*The contribution of “infection protection: How must the publishes will look hygiene measures at the workplace” by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.