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Two sick hairdressers with Covid-19, dozens of customers and a close, prolonged contact with the body: Actually, in this scenario, offered in the U.S. city of Springfield, Missouri, the best ways to develop a true “super spreader”Event. However, it happened: nothing. None of the approximately 140 customers developed after the Hairdresser Covid-19-typical symptoms, a number of Tests for the Coronavirus were negative. US-health experts from the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) have worked up the case in a report. It shows how effectively the everyday masks prior to a Transmission of the pathogen can protect.

Aerosols on the plane

Researchers warn: In the plane, the risk is great, the Coronavirus to infect

What exactly was going to happen?

In mid-may, a hairdressing salon (Patient A) developed classic symptoms of a respiratory disease. Since he initially thought it was a Corona disease, he went to continue to work. Three days later, a coworker (Patient B) got symptoms. Patient A worked eight days in the Salon, Patient B, before both of them were tested positive for the Coronavirus. Up to this time they had served 139 clients and each close body contact for at least 15 minutes, had, write to the experts at the CDC.

Barber wore a mask, a customer wore a mask

The relevant “Greene County Health Department” was alerted of the disease cases. It informed all customers of the two diseased stylists and asked them to go for the duration of 14 days in quarantine. You should also report as soon as they were Covid-19-typical symptoms in themselves. In the case of the authority, not a single message was in connection to suspicious complaints. 67 Barber shop subject, also, voluntary Tests for the corona virus – all were negative.


Please keep your distance! In these situations, the risk of a Corona is infection the greatest

A crucial role could be played, therefore the mouth-nose-coverings of the hairdressers: According to the report, Patient A had worn when contact with the customer, a mask made of a double layer of cotton fabric, the colleague of a similar model and a surgical mask in exchange. Between individual appointments with Customers, they removed their masks. In order for the stylists to the requirements of the city of Springfield that employees, and customers in the case of body-related services, mouth-to nose-must wear coverings.

Also the customers of the salon knew how to protect themselves, therefore,: Of the 104 respondents, 102 customers declared to have during a hair appointment worn continuously for a mask; two said to have such, at least temporarily, used. Masks made of cloth and surgical masks were among the most commonly used by customers-used coverings.

Infectious droplets are held back

The Wear of everyday masks could help in the dissemination of Sars-CoV-2 curb, conclude the experts of the “CDC”. Nevertheless, they point to possible limitations of the study: not all former customers appear to the volunteer Corona Tests. Also could not be excluded that some customers had asymptomatic gradients. In the study, were not considered further for possible protective measures such as hand disinfection. The probability of a smear infection via the hands is in comparison to a droplet infection but in any case, this is comparatively low.

The current study joins many recent studies that suggest a Benefit of everyday life masks: a researcher has examined the team of the “Florida Atlantic University” recently, as well the traditional mouth-nose-coverings of infectious droplets hold back. At best a self-stitched and double-layered mask made of cotton cut off in the process. You held back the droplets effectively, in the experiment, particles were flying about 6.6 inches wide. Surgical masks were not examined in the study. Their protective effect is considered to be occupied.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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