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The debate on publicly criticized study of the chief virologist of the Berlin Charité, Christian Drosten, increasing in sharpness. In a guest post for the “daily mirror”, to be referred to the Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology of the University hospital Halle / Saale in the study, as “in many respects, in error”. The uncertainty of the data was too large, the procedure for the statistical analysis inappropriate.

Christian Drosten responded via Twitter on a personal level, to the post. Kekulé’m in the mood, its presentation was biased. “Kekulé, you could not criticize, and he would have to publish a little first.” A study on the Corona-viral load by age groups, by a research group Drosten at the Charité, had been attacked in the last days of the “image”-newspaper sharp. The sheet had not quoted critical voices of scientists, these were addressed, however. The researchers, all statistics experts, distance is not the reporting, but from their criticism.

Drosten, Streeck and co.

Of these, Corona experts you listen to constantly – but who is really competent?

Alexander Kekulé: Unnecessary attack surface for “image”

Kekulé, before throwing in his contribution, Drosten, “to have the ‘picture’newspaper, an unnecessary attack surface” on offer. “Why the study Drosten pulls back, it is difficult to understand,” says the holder of the chair for Medical Microbiology and Virology at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg. Now to announce further data to evaluate and calculate the statistics, it was not enough to save the criticized study. Like the also much-discussed “Heinsberg-study” of the Bonn virologists Hendrik Streeck, the Drosten study show that “with fast, neither the policy nor the science of shots at the end of is served”. On the question of whether day-care centres and primary schools should be swiftly re-opened, there is still no clear scientific answer.

In his Text, Kekulé, from, why, from his point of view, the conclusion is false, the concentration of the Coronavirus in throat of children and adults differed not crucial, so children, as a virus vector, a significant role could play. The part of the study that led to this result, “is both methodologically and with regard to the conclusion in several respects defective.”

Researchers cited mnemonic for biostatistics introductions

The Haller scientists criticised the fact that the swabs removed sample volumes were comparable. Doctors caught for the samples of more or less mucus, and therefore different quantities of Virus. Children were less cooperative, so that you can charges less Material. In addition, different swab was used to swab and different analysis devices. Problematic was also that the samples at different times were taken in the course of the disease, since the virus concentration take already some days after symptom onset significantly. As a result, these samples were not comparable. The fluctuations of the measured values statistically equalize, would have to be the sample is very large, so Kekulé more of what you are not, however, had been, of all things, in this context, particularly significant groups of Eleven-year-old.

The Drostens Team carried out pair-wise comparison of ten age groups have delivered no meaningful results, takes Kekulé more. “On the question of whether there is a difference between the 80 – to 90-Year – old and 40-to 50-Year-old, is not it,” writes the 61-Year-old. Through this comparative analysis, rather, the age-dependent effect was indicated in the preliminary Analysis will be countered statistically. That Drosten and co. had found no significant difference in age groups is not a proof that there is this difference. Kekulé pointed: “In biostatistics introduction to the mnemonic: ‘The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence'” (dt.: “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”).

Corona Study

Virologist Christian Drosten fights against reporting the "Bild"-Newspaper

Christian Drosten: Kekulé, “plays in the Community, no role”

Christian Drosten responded to the publication in several Tweets sharp. Kekulé “doesn’t know our data, and misquoted”, established at the Charité-virologist the Haller colleagues. The Kekulé and also of the “image”newspaper as a key witness led the Zurich biostatistics Professor Leonhard Hero have said “on the subject of his statistical analysis of our study,” “this not konklusiv” – that is, the final conclusions was berechtigend – so Drosten. “Kekulé this is no matter, he fires anyway. Thank you for that,” tweeted Drosten and announced, once again, an “Update of our data and statistics”. The note of Twitter Users, one of the researchers dispute will go to the “image”newspaper as the winner, notified Drosten in a further Tweet, saying: “this is how it looks. Kekulé is fortunately, so far the Only one that behaves that way. In our Community, he plays no role in this.”

Drosten made in addition to the public, other scientists from the “picture”would have distanced reporting. He quoted a Tweet of Antwerp micro-Herman Goossens biologists. The coordinator of the EU project for the control of Covid-19 with the title “Recover Europe”, the Drosten is a member, tweeted that the newspaper scientists of the project would be contacted in search of other critics. “We take against manipulative Interviews, the media, and which lead to a misinterpretation of science.


After "Bild"-Report: maintains Drosten meaningful his viral load study

Montgomery: Some politicians and media can’t keep up

In the TV show “Talk from Berlin” of the RBB, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the Chairman of the world medical Association, Drosten jumped. It is “clearly on a campaign. I think, in fact, greasy and dirty,” says Montgomery. It was from a scientific point of view is completely right, someone correct how Drosten again and again. The scientific discourse and progress from the course, thanks to digitisation, especially in the case of SARS-CoV-2 in a very high speed: “is That because some Prime Ministers and some Newspapers don’t come in the speed of their thinking, is their Problem, but not the Problem of Mr. Drosten,” the world medical President.

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