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It is also called the liquid Gold of Morocco, argan oil is considered a valuable natural product, and is suitable for the care of different hair and skin types. As one of the oldest trees in the world, grows the argan tree in southwestern Morocco. From its fruit, the argan oil is extracted. Argan oil is used primarily for hair care, it is however also to skin and scalp care, Make-up remover, body, Massage and bath oil or nail and lip care. The versatile application possibilities make it a popular Beauty tip. How to apply argan oil is best and what to look for when buying, should pay attention to this, you can find here.

How to apply argan oil for the hair?

In argan oil are essential fatty acids and antioxidants that the hair a fresh Shine to. The included Tocopherol should also have a positive effect on hair growth and the hair roots strengthening. Argan oil also helps the skin in a dry head, and can alleviate symptoms such as Burning or itching in that it reduces the dandruff and stimulates the blood circulation acts.

To apply it:

Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree

Which argan oil is the right one?

It is best to use cold pressed organic argan oil. In the pure state, all the valuable ingredients are included, which in the case of a processing, otherwise, could be lost.

Argan oil of Junglück

The brand Junglück promotes natural and sustainable cosmetics, which is made in Germany. The argan oil is vegan and Junglück is, 100 percent pure, cold-pressed argan oil from Morocco to use. It is suitable as a skin – or hair oil, against split ends or brittle hair, as well as for the eyelashes and eyebrows. In addition, the argan oil is free of harmful parabens, silicones, micro plastics, pesticides and fragrance or color.

Argan oil by Naissance

The argan oil from Naissance is a pure, refined argan oil from Morocco. The rich, skin nourishing Oil is said to have a regenerating effect on the skin and hair. It is suitable for body, face, eyelashes, hair, hands and nails. The Oil is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Argan oil by Much

The organic argan oil from the brand Essential is a natural pure Oil from controlled organic cultivation in Morocco. Whether as an ingredient for DIY hair care as a hair mask or hair treatment or facial care, the Oil is very versatile. No additives or preservatives this argan oil can be applied Much pure on skin and hair. In addition, all tested Essential products and bottled in Germany.

Further Possibilities Of Use

The beauty of the vegetable Oil is that you can’t use it only for hair care but also for skin, nails, lips, or even to beard care. It is important that you use pure argan oil, which still contains all the valuable ingredients, make sure you pressed the purchase, therefore, the attributes of cold and organic.

Argan oil is also suitable for impure and oily skin?

Yes, argan oil is Non-Comedogenic, which means it is the sebum clogged glands of the skin and promotes the formation of comedones. Otherwise, it could promote the formation of pimples, in fact, argan oil has a komedogenität grade of zero. The plant-based ingredients to act as anti-bacterial and a disinfectant. So is argan oil good for the care of blemished and oily skin.

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