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In a new video, Hudson White, one half of YouTube’s Buff Dudes, revealed that he’s currently in the best shape of his life. After working hard to recover from an injury, White has been spending the last few months getting even more shredded in quarantine—so he shared the healthy habits he built into his routine that helped him to achieve these newfound gains.

On the nutrition front, White recommended taking the time to research and prepare healthier alternatives to his favorite foods, like pizza and brownies, so that making changes to his diet didn’t feel like some kind of hardship or sacrifice. “I’ve noticed that reducing sugar has helped me immensely,” he said.

And when it came to his training, White upped the intensity of his workouts, focusing on supersets and drop sets, and made sure to have a clear plan and to keep track of his progress. His main priority, he explained, was building and maintaining consistency in his fitness.

“I think that’s what we all need,” he said. “One thing you really want to try and remember is it’s all about mental game, it’s 100 percent mental, because without it, no one’s going to be waking you up in the morning, no one’s going to be making your meals, you have to do that yourself. You really have to want it.”

Another thing that helped White over the last few months, especially in regards to motivation, was setting himself some specific short and long-term goals. For instance, he is currently training to try and do a six-minute mile, having struggled with the running portion of fitness challenges in the past. He has also been working on increasing his deadlift, to the point where he is now able to deadlift 495 pounds for the first time in over two years.

“It’s been nice to know I could get back to that number,” he said, “but even if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t go too hard on myself and you shouldn’t either. If you’re coming back from an injury, or maybe you’re just not able to work up to the amount you imagine yourself doing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in the future, or that you can’t still make great progress.”

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