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How would it be if you would have at home your own little Wellness oasis? Do you think that a little exaggerated? Even the opposite is the case, as sleep expert Dr. Hans Günter Blind-and-white: “Our bedroom should be exactly one such resort, a place of rest and retreat”. Because this is one of the most important prerequisites for a restful sleep.

How is the best bedroom?

However, the least bedrooms of the German resemble such a place of relaxation. Here are the things that don’t really serve the relaxation: TV, Ironing Board, Laptop or tablet stand on the bedside table – a lot of people have set up in the bedroom even a small office corner. “All of these things have a look in the bedroom nothing, because you can prevent, that we can win on the evening of our everyday distance and so allow us to dispose of,” according to Dr. Blind, the head of the interdisciplinary sleep center at the Palatine hospital of Klingenmünster. (How much sleep you really need? Here you will find the answer)

He goes even further and calls to banish the alarm clock from the night table. It is best to put it in the nightstand drawer or under the bed. There he can, if necessary, Wake up in the morning, he seduced you, but to constantly look at the clock to see how long someone has because located already awake or still sleeping. “The night-time on the alarm clock look only causes sleep pressure and prevents us from sleep,” explains the expert. The bedroom should be aware of an “analog” spot – without a Smartphone, Laptop and co. (also read: What stages of sleep are actually?)

Pay attention to temperature, humidity, and plants

The optimal sleeping environment for adults should also have a good indoor climate. What is the temperature and humidity of the air is perceived as pleasant, although different individually, you should be sweating in bed but neither nor freeze, because it stresses the body and prevents a sound sleep. (When can sweating be dangerous at night?)

“In General, we are moving at room temperature in the bedroom between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.” The humidity should be between 40 and 60 percent, at bedtime rather in the lower range, because overnight the humidity in the air can rise through the air we breathe and the night sweating by up to 10 percent. “At lower temperatures, we can make more of the sleep hormone Melatonin that helps us fall Asleep, as well as a gentle lighting” as Dr. Blind. (Also interesting: how Much sleep you really need?)

Plants in the bedroom, he holds, by the way, because they generate during the day, oxygen, consume it at night, but again. In addition, the damp earth can cause, especially to Allergy sufferers problems. (Good question: Can incorrect sleeping positions for bad sleep?)

So the size of your bed should be

Another important factor for the bedroom design is the bed. It should be large enough to be able to without problems apply. A rule of thumb is that the bed should be at least 20, better 30 inches longer than the body size. In the case of the width a meters per Person is optimal. Because we move in our sleep as well and want to fall in neither the bed nor the Partner disturb.

For this reason, each should have its own mattress. Firstly, the preferences are hardness, Material, etc. relates to the individual, and, secondly, the mattress must fit to the respective body weight, and thirdly, to be transferred to the sleep movements of the partner, less on the own area of the bed. (Whether separate beds are for you to be even more useful, read here)

Attention: Bed Hygiene!

An often underestimated point is the right bed for hygiene, especially the Germans, have yet to “air up”, as Dr. Blind: “you are the world champion in the bedroom airing (according to one study, 96 percent of the air in your bedroom at least once per week), your bedding, switch but only every two to three weeks. It would be better to renew the bedding every week“. So to prevent mites and co. feel in our beds comfortable and spread out.

Bedding and mattress pads should also regularly in the washing machine, at best at 60 degrees. (Also read: Healthy sleep: the best tips from the experts) So: Digital Detox, regular fresh linen, a good room climate and the gentle light are popular in the bedroom and you will have created your personal small oasis of Wellness. (Also interesting: lose weight in your sleep – an expert explains how it works)

This article was written by (Eva Stammberger)

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