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The juggle is real for actress Teresa Palmer. Not only did the 33-year-old Adelaidean give birth to her third child – daughter Poet Lake – last year, but she also stars in supernatural TV series A Discovery of Witches and is the co-force behind plant-based wellness brand Lovewell.

Here, the former Women’s Health cover star opens up about veganism, getting back into exercise and the importance of self-care micro moments.

Hello! Can you talk us through your morning routine?

My go-to breakfast is a smoothie with almond or oat milk, banana, almond butter and the Lovewell Blossom powder. I’ll typically pair that with smashed avo on toast with nutritional yeast. This combo fills me up and sees me through until lunch.

What are your daily wellbeing non-negotiables?

My bath. Every night, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, bath time is my time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have three little babes and a few rubber ducks joining me in there, but for the most part it’s kids in bed, bath run, bath salts in, true crime podcast on. And, on occasion, a sneaky glass of vino.

How has your attitude to wellness changed since becoming a parent?

Becoming a parent changes so much. My business partner, Christiane Duigan, and I started Lovewell because of this same conversation. As time-poor mums, we were struggling to get our daily nutritional requirements in and get them into the kids, so we developed a superfood supplement with organic ingredients for parents and children. One day the kids will realise the chocolate milkshake I was giving them each night was actually filled with vegies!

What’s your approach to exercise?

I used to be really militant [about] diet and exercise, [before] I realised that didn’t benefit my mind or body, so now I am super lax with it. I have recently started barre again – I love the workout and my body responds really well to it, so I do a Mum & Bub barre class on Mondays and Thursdays at Roaming Zen in Adelaide. Poet is 11kg now so she’s a total lump to strap on in my carrier, but it really adds a decent challenge to the workout. If I am looking for high-intensity cardio or weights, I love F45. I’ve been going once or twice a week, depending on how I’ve pulled up after a barre class. As long as I am getting some exercise most weeks then I’m happy – I’m not strict about how often or for how long, as long as my body is moving in some way. I have spent the past four years very rarely exercising, so getting back in the swing of things has felt really great.

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Slow living 🌓 @honour_apparel

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Slow living 🌓 @honour_apparel

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You eat a vegan diet. What’s your advice for anyone looking to go more plant-based?

Our entire family is vegan and its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My advice is to start slow – it can be overwhelming to go 100 per cent plant-based straight off the bat as a family. I was pescatarian for six years, before making the switch to vegetarianism for two years and then veganism. I feel the best I ever have and love that my choice is positively impacting the earth, animals and my health. It’s a great idea to vegan-ise your top recipes – our family favourites are sun-dried tomato and olive pasta or my husband’s amazing stir fry noodles with veg. And of course, vegan pizza/burger/fries/desserts!

As a mum, what does self-care look like to you now?

It’s a little more challenging, but I think we have built up this expectation that self-care has to be something grand, when in reality it can be stopping and having a herbal tea or bath, listening to your favourite podcast or binge-watching a show with hubs on the couch after the kids are in bed. It’s amazing what a difference taking 10-20 minutes out of your day to have a bath does to your mental state and mindset. Figure out what will serve you and then ensure it becomes a non-negotiable. Make sure everyone in your family is aware that it’s your ‘me time’.

What are your three must-have parenting products?

The SNOO bassinet has been an absolute game-changer for me as a parent with a newborn. I used it with my last two children and lent it to so many friends in between. Its movement, sound and layout mimic being in the womb, so it helps bubs and parents get more sleep. Everyone I know who has tried it absolutely swears by it. It looks really chic, too.

A baby carrier for that skin-to-skin contact [plus] being hands-free is a godsend in those early days, especially while you’re trying to get work, housework and tasks done, or wrangle other children. I also use our Ergobaby carrier during my Mum & Bub workout classes.

Lastly, a great travel stroller that fits in the overhead compartment of a plane. My two favourites are the Bugaboo Ant and Babyzen Yoyo. Both are really compact and zip around town easily. I’ve stopped using my regular pram and use my travel one instead.

You’ve spoken about approaching 2020 as a year of minimalism. How are you doing that?

I love the Marie Kondo concept and every year do an overhaul. I believe that when the space around you at home is decluttered, it translates into your mind and life and makes everything flow better. It can be as simple as saying no to plastic bags and excess containers at the supermarket or being a little more conscious with purchases, especially clothes and toys.

Lastly, can you share your attitude to skincare and beauty?

Unless I am working or on a shoot, I typically don’t wear a lot of make-up – just lip gloss and some face oil. My favourite brands are Jurlique, Baeo and Artistry. I use The Base By Lara Bingle for natural make-up if I’m heading out and want to look a little fresher – I love the LB cream so much, and really appreciate Lara’s sentiment in giving the profits to organisations in need.

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