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In 15 minutes to your dream body? With the electric muscle stimulation Training (short EMS) should be possible.

The principle of the training is based on electrical pulses to activate each muscle specifically.

Here, you’re going to have a normal Workout, with the pulses, but for a high-intensity muscle contraction and hence increased muscle growth.

With EMS Training, everyone is supposed to aim his persönlichesn without a lot of time and effort to come closer.

Benefits of EMS training

1. High-Intensity Muscle Contraction

EMS Training does not mean that the electrical pulses make the sole work – the Impulse to run parallel to the normal Exercises like Squats or Crunches.

However, they provide full-voltage, which extends over the entire body and all the muscles used.

The body works permanently against the pulses and thus provides a high-intensity contraction. By this burden and the associated Regeneration optimal muscle growth can be achieved.

The EMS Training allows the athlete to also, smaller muscle groups to target and reach the desired goals.

2. Time-Saving Sport

Move, work out and shower quickly 2 hours passed in the gym. For a Workout, athletes invest a lot of time.

With EMS Training, a Workout will take, however, a maximum of 30 minutes, yet provides the desired muscle contraction.

Even if the EMS Training is tied to appointments, it’s much easier to integrate into everyday life.

3. Increased Calorie Consumption

A Mix of strength, Cardio, and agility training – this is the recommendation for optimal Training. EMS Training can replace the strength training with short but highly intense sessions.

The intense contraction leads to increased calorie consumption. It is important way, but also, of course, a customized diet, because the goal of the EMS training, the muscle structure is in the first place.

Disadvantages of EMS training

1. Weight reduction is not superficially

The aim of the training is to subject the muscles to high intensity to cause growth. Therefore, the fat combustion is of primary importance and should not be the reason for the decision to the EMS Training.

2. Individual Settling-In Time

To lace up the sneakers and let’s go – the EMS Training, however, it is something different. Before the actual Workout can start, you must create a special EMS-wash, so that the electrodes have good contact with the body.

Only then can you be on each individual Muscle group, since the pulses must be set in every body region with varying degrees of intensity.

Initially, the EMS Training can induce a habituation needy feeling, therefore, one should expect an individual settling-in time.

3. Exclusion of at-risk groups

As in other sports, there are also EMS-Training-risk group that should avoid such a Workout. This includes, for a diabetic, you should obtain before exercise medical advice.

Completely excluded from the EMS Training are Pregnant and people with a pacemaker because the electrical impulses could affect.

Michelle Steinmetz

*The contribution of “sports power: The biggest advantages and disadvantages of EMS Training” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.