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Whether measles, the flu, or pneumonia: Many of these diseases can be prevented. To the fact Professor Dr. Thomas Weinke, expert for infectious disease Loge at the Klinikum Ernst Bergmann in Potsdam pointed out, the pharmacon in Schladming/Austria.

The measles protection act, which was recently decided by the Bundestag ( reported) shows Weinke, according to in the right direction. "Despite all the awareness campaigns, the gaps in Germany are still to groß", thus, the expert on infectious diseases, Klinikum Ernst Bergmann in Potsdam. In the past year alone, more than 500 people in Germany fell ill with measles.

The measles protection act comes into force on 1. March 2020. It provides that all children need to have from the age of first year upon entry into the school or the Kindergarten vaccination. "The same applies to persons in community agencies or medical institutions sind", explains Weinke. He goes ahead with his hospital a good example. "In a large poster campaign, we called on our employees to check their vaccination status.

Flu vaccination saves many lives

This affects not only the measles, but in their dimensions mean the flu. Here, experts recommend to anyone from the age of 60. Year of age and chronically ill vaccination. Depending on the state, the rate is only one third of that. Especially in the South of Germany, many of the meaningful peaks without. There is still a lot of air is, according to the medical professionals to the top.

Weinke: "No other vaccination is more life in this country, save as with the flu vaccination." At a significantly higher rate of up to 15 000 deaths were yearly cases of the Influenza in Germany to avoid. An advantage he sees also in the new vaccines. Thus, the currently used preparations are now four instead of three groups of influenza viruses.

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In his lecture, Weinke pointed out that a flu often prepares the ground for further infections. Particularly pneumococcus, which can cause a life-threatening inflammation of the lungs and feared:. Here there are two different vaccines, the experts, especially people over the age of 60. The age of recommend. With the rate it looks also not so good. "Here, too, a lot of air is still to the top."

Weinke is not addressed in his lecture, to think in terms of Vaccinating only of themselves. Of course it kept developing in many of the cases, individually from. "However, there are also the herds, and collective protection." High chains vaccination rates break through Infection. In order to protect people who may not be vaccinated. This applies for example for small infants or people with a diseased immune system. In addition to systematic Vaccination has eradicated even diseases such as smallpox.

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