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Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner had a last-minute change of heart on their son's birth name.

On Sunday, the Married at First Sight couple revealed on Instagram Live that they decided not to roll with the name Hayes Douglas for their newborn, whom they welcomed on Wednesday.

Instead, the pair changed their son's name to Hendrix Douglas after the newly minted parents of two, who also share daughter Henley Grace, 3, met their son for the first time.

"The minute we had our son, the minute he came out, I looked at him — I mean, the first time I looked at him, I almost called him Hendrix," Otis, 33, explained to fans. "That was like a top name for him."

The mom said they felt "pressured" to select a name during her pregnancy, so she and Hehner, 36, chose Hayes simply because they liked the sound of it.

"We named him Hayes before we met him," she said. "… We felt kind of pressured to make a decision on what his name was gonna be because I wanted to bond with him. … When you have a baby inside you and you just call it 'baby boy,' I don't know, it just doesn't feel as, like, a connection. So I was like, 'Let's decide, what are we naming our son?'"

Hehner then admitted: "I don't know why we chose Hayes to begin with now."

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The couple made the final decision on Saturday when they had to fill out Hendrix's birth certificate. The new name also has a special connection to the family, according to a baby-naming expert who told them that Hendrix is connected to the name Jonathan, which is what Otis and Hehner named their first child, whom they lost in 2016 when Otis was four months pregnant.

"Long story short, it's loosely tied to our angel baby Jonathan," said Otis. "The day that I was due, there was actually a rainbow … and I was like, 'What are the chances there's a rainbow on your due date?' I haven't seen a rainbow in I don't know how long."

And while they agreed Hayes is a solid name, the pair said they loved Hendrix even more.

Otis and Hehner initially announced Hayes as the name for their baby boy last month, writing on Instagram that throughout the "whole pregnancy we’ve been going back & forth with names for this little guy." Otis added that for their daughter, naming was "so easy" because her name had " so much meaning."

The parents also explained that keeping with "H" names was a requirement in their deliberation process.

Sharing news of Hendrix's birth exclusively with PEOPLE, Otis and Hehner — who are set to star in Married at First Sight's upcoming spinoff, Couples' Cam, premiering May 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime — said their new addition is "so perfect."

"He's so perfect. He looks just like his big sister Gracie," the MAFS alums said. "We're in this together. You and me, baby [Hendrix]!"

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