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Dust and insects can spoil the look of the bike tour thoroughly. Particles end up in the eye is the conjunctiva in the area of the eyelids quickly irritated.

Of the body help itself, then first, says the professional Association of ophthalmologists Germany.

The eye start to tears, to the foreign body to be washed out. In the process, a conscious blink help.

Particle removal: don’t RUB

In addition, you could lift the upper eyelid to the eyelashes a little from the eye and the lower eyelid canthus of the lower lid so that the lashes of the lower lid brush out when you Open the eye the inner side of the upper lid “,” advises the Association.

This can also create the flushing the eye with clean water.

Not a good idea is to RUB the eye. In principle, the laity should not remove the foreign body, if it is not washed by itself from the eye.

Sufferers should consult in such a case urgently to an eye doctor or a clinic. The affected eye can cover on the way, with a germ-free wound dressing.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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