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While going out and physically meeting people may not be possible, there are many interesting games to make long-distance family time fun over a video call.

In this lockdown, while children have not been able to go out and meet their friends from school, their parents have tried to keep then productive and resourcefully engaged.

While going out and physically meeting people is still not possible, there are many interesting activities, games if you may, that parents can introduce to their kids, so that they can play with their friends, cousins, and other relatives when on a video call. Wondering what these games are? We list out some of them; read on.

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* 20 Questions: You can suggest the classic 20 Questions for your child and their friends to play. They can suggest a topic, for instance from their favourite superhero universe, and assign themselves a character. The others have to guess who the person is, but in only 20 yes/no questions. This can be played with the slightly older lot of 10 years and above.

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* Clap the Song: There is also something called ‘Clap the Song’. It is simple, and can involve adults too, especially grandparents, if they are living far away. One party has to clap a song, and the other has to guess what that song is. Is it really that easy? Find out for yourself.

* Reverse charades: These can be fun, too. There are many apps and websites, which can help you play it. The rules are simple: similar to dumb charades, here the player holds a phone on the face, which has a word/phrase written on it. Others, who are on the end of the line, have to enact and help them guess it. It is hilarious, and let’s just say you can play this game for hours.

* Pictionary: For lovers of art, pictionary is the best bet. Kids will love it, and it can get pretty funny, too! In a virtual call, one person can draw something of their choice, and other friends have to guess what that is. Whoever guesses first, gets to have the next turn. It is a great way to keep kids busy and connected.

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* The Alphabet Game: For the younger lot of kids, who are just beginning to learn the alphabets, and basics like animals, colours, places, objects, etc, the alphabet game can be pretty educational. One person can choose an alphabet, and others have to name a person, place, animal, object, using that alphabet. It can done on a rotational basis so that everyone gets a chance to choose an alphabet.

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* What is Missing? Another interesting game is ‘What is Missing?’ How it is played is that one person can arrange a set of 10 objects in front of the screen. And then when the other members close their eyes, they remove one object and ask others to guess which object has been taken off the table. The one to guess it first gets the next chance. The game ends when someone has cleared all objects from their table.

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