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Rico is two and a half and is fed regularly. Fluffy, he is not. But he’s doing what he should: He relaxes.

Rico is a sourdough. His cousins and he are being used increasingly in Germany’s kitchens. Because in the home-time during the Corona-crisis, some jobs come out suddenly large.

Baking bread

If the Association of the yeast industry to communicate feels obliged that the yeast supply of Germany is assured, then you know: people make seriously.

You can buy bulk yeast, and plenty of flour and bake. About their own bread. On Google searches, go to the “bake bread” in the Five-year history since the beginning of March, steep to the top.

Clearly a very practical Consideration could be behind it: Who needs in-home quarantine, which can be supplied with flour and yeast or sour dough at home, even with the bread.

By the way: sourdough Rico is to be found in an online exchange. There can look newbies after a sour dough approach for its bread-baking-Start.

Maybe exactly what many people need in the current Situation is jaws but a good manageable project with a meaningful outcome.

“You can, from the beginning, a clear goal in mind, to be happy,” says psychologist Julia Krasko from the Ruhr-University Bochum, which deals especially with well-being and happiness.


“The soothing and measurable Illusion of order, which cleans up the brain for other crap.” As a Twitter user, describes what is the meaning of Puzzles for you.

It was like Meditation with the satisfactory feeling to have accomplished something every Time, if a suitable part is discovered,” says another.

Some rummaging around is currently their old 2000-piece Puzzle out of the cupboard. However, many discover the Search, and also add completely new for themselves.

The interest was according to the data collected by Google Trends in the past few weeks, so big never before in the last five years. Almost everything is sold out, whines as many a frustrated Puzzler on the net.

Even in Germany’s largest provider of Ravensburger the demand in the company’s own Online Shop currently many times larger than normally. Especially Puzzle for adults asked: with 1000 Parts.

Psychologist Krasko explained what could be behind the particle-fever: An act of man grown, but not too simple, is very satisfying.

“You are one with the activity, in a state of Flow.” After that you have positive feelings, so the scientist.


Especially newbies to engage for a particular piece of clothing to the needle: the mask. The mouth-nose protection should capture the largest droplets, and so the risk of Infection to others reduce. The Wearing in Public of a virologist Christian Drosten evaluates as a “gesture, Signal, as a courtesy”.

So for the Newly-Closer to two positive effects: you gain a new ability, and demonstrate solidarity.

In the network, the instructions for masks are piling up in the meantime – in the same way as images of self-stitched copies. And there are also a lot of recognition.

Psychologist Krasko says: Sharing on social networks could “provide the good feeling to sit in the same boat”.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

*The contribution of “New Hobbies: the Corona change-a crisis the leisure behavior” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.