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For many people, the January after the holidays with a healthy abandon Dry January was a must!

However, the purposeful Omission of sometimes unhealthy food does to the body, not just in the first month of the year. Nourish instead of a Detox may eventually harm never.

Healthy Waiver

A Phase in over several days, or even weeks, on alcohol, sugar and caffeine is, it should be possible to put in every once in a while.

Anyone who has one or the other alcohol-free evening in the company of friends, drink heater, round, behind, know, however, is to stay in the company of steadfast, can be difficult.

In addition, dozens of temptations, the the body more harm than Good to do curls in everyday life: sugary sweets as a reward after a stressful day, a coffee after the next, or even Energy Drinks to stay focused.

“A lot of people tend to stumble from one unhealthy thing to the next,” warns nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill to the English Portal ‘9Honey’.

“You, for example, reduce the intake of alcohol and place but too much sugar.”

Remain steadfast

To take a alcohol break can be, especially at events and festivals is difficult.

In order to remain truly steadfast and no amount of other people in temptation, it may be helpful, with friends, family and colleagues about the project to share.

In this way, you will be asked (hopefully) for the Toast and the desired back receives strengthening. “Maybe friends and Acquaintances close to even – you never know who comes on Board.”

Caffeine consumption reduce

During alcohol abstinence, it is helpful to reduce the intake of caffeine and instead, positive habits.

“No to alcohol, no longer find it so difficult to reduce the caffeine consumption,” says Alwill. “Because without alcohol and big nights, the body has to Wake Up more and more energy.”

Reducing caffeine intake supports the health by the pollution of the reduces adrenal gland and digestive system.

Unhealthy consumption shift

While on alcohol waived, should also go to his sugar consumption down.

Because alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar at all have a similar effect on the reward centre of the brain, and rain during the consumption of the release of the hormone dopamine.

Who is now, instead of to the alcohol every Time, chocolate, gummy bears and co., is a risk that these actions cause a new unhealthy habit, which is to be overcome in the long term is difficult.

In the gallery: 13 drinks a healthy intestinal flora support

Intestinal support with tea and Fermented

In order to give the body the ultimate health boost and to facilitate the waiver, should be drunk, some drinks are preferred.

Water and unsweetened herbal teas – for example, Detox-teas from our FIT FOR FUN Test – are ideal to increase the fluid intake in a healthy way and to support the cells during the natural detoxification process.

Since caffeine and alcohol not only affect the adrenal glands, as well as the energy and hormonal balance, but also the intestine, interfere with, should be counteracted.

Fermented beverages can help to improve the intestinal health. They support digestion by balancing the bad bacteria with the beneficial effects of live cultures, acids, and antioxidants.

Vegetables with a lot of strength and healthy fats

Also a healthy selection of food is important, especially the vegetable intake should be ramped up.

“Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, Beetroot and pumpkin can, in fact, supported the detoxification process,” explains the expert.

Also on the dining plan, healthy fats in Form of nuts, Avocados, olive oil and oily fish should be.

“Because the offer important nutrients, and to reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular-to reduce the System to improve the cognition and the feeling of satiety to maintain,” says Alwill.

Cornelia Bertram

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