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A real Monitor, the best height-adjustable, a matching table with an ergonomic chair: There are precise rules about how a back has to look workplace.

But the reality is that the home office is away, often far away, in the Corona-crisis and otherwise – among other things, because the home work often happens on the Laptop.

Threatens since, analogous to the so-called mobile neck, a laptop, a damage due to the constant unusual head posture when looking neck so down?

Prof. Bernd Kladny of the German society for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery (DGOU) is clear: The head tilt is in the Laptop-work will not be as pronounced as with the Smartphone view.

“Who now works two or three months, you need not fear any permanent damage.”

Burden on muscles and spine

However, It is a false attitude remains. “And always means an Overload of the muscles, because of the need to support the head in this unusual attitude”, Kladny.

A head weighs about four to five kilos on permanent so this is quite a work for the muscles and the spine.

“In addition, the work on the Laptop, the keyboard is different – this also allows the neck and shoulder will be charged to the Region.”

Tension and pain are inevitable, therefore, when a more, the other less. Also, Stress, other stress and the individual perception of pain play a role here.

Regularly change Position

So what to do? Kladny says: movement, movement, movement.

In the Form of exercise in the evening, but also during the work itself: “One should not sit at a Desk, in principle, permanently in the same Position,” said the expert.

Ideally, two to three position changes per hour are. “You have to make an active – otherwise it can happen that you forget the in the concentration.”

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