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The beginning of the year, many people take this as an opportunity to leave old habits behind and change the lifestyle for the Positive.

In the current duration of the debate around the environment, there are many persons in addition to a healthier life is also a more sustainable way on the list.

Good for health and the environment – the go!

His own body a Favor by making healthier diet choices, and at the same time protect the environment – is that even in everyday situations?

The current diets in Check by Öko-Test shows quite clearly that, Yes, this is very possible!

Of the eight current diet, veganism, Low Carb, and interval forms – including fasting – can help two, to combine both of these goals permanently and delicious.

A very popular diet, however, complete.

Within the Tests were the experts, especially on the points of Suitability as a steady diet, Fitness to lose weight, practicality, enjoyment, value , and environmental impact, and assessed these individually.

Plant-based diets are top for the environment

If you look at the production steps in more detail, it is not surprising that a plant-based diet is good for the environment. Because the animal is a major contributor to man-made climate change is breeding.

The production of dairy products, meat, and eggs takes a disproportionate amount of Land, consumes a lot of drinking water and produced in Germany by the way, around 60 percent of methane emissions.

Climate-friendly looks differently – namely, as green, to be exact. As a pleasing side-effect of such a conscious plant-based food also by the way the one or other pound of the hips disappear.

Who wants to change his diet in this regard, can be based on various diets:

1. Ayurvedic Diet

The health teachings of Ayurveda sees each person’s individual diet. This depends on the expression of one’s own dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and is adjusted accordingly.

However, no matter which direction the body pretends it’s plant-based foods at the centre, which should be compatible and carefully prepared, are always.

The main principle of this diet is to maximize the digestibility of the food, so the body has as much as possible of the healthy effects – this is also beneficial to the intestinal health.

The negative environmental impact of meat production on animal and man, therefore (conventionally produced) animal products from the diet as well as out.

As, therefore, with lots of fresh vegetable ingredients and spices is cooked, not only benefits the body from the variety of healthy nutrients, the environment is the selected cuisine.

Who’s got the taste, you can get in a matching cookbook, “Modern Ayurveda” Inspiration.

In the gallery: The best foods for a healthy intestinal flora

2. The Intestine-Friendly Food

A similar principle also the intestine has been pursuing the end of food, to benefit the Microbiome in the digestive tract and the physical well-being increase.

As meat-containing meals increases the number of certain bacteria that promote chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, these should be removed from our menus.

In the foreground ballast are rich material as well as fermented foods. A gut-friendly diet does the body and the environment good, however, is not researched in their effectiveness as fat-reducing diet is still sufficient.

The best-selling guide “intestine with charm” shows: to use more vegetables and legumes damage, however, can never – even if the tumble Kilos maybe not quite as quickly.

3. Vegetarian Diet

The basic principle of the vegetarian diet is that there is no meat on the plate. Whether or not you still have to milk products and eggs, the taste.

Regardless of the Basis of the vegetarian diet, however, is always the same: Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and legumes as well as nuts and seed office of plant Oils.

The vegetarian cuisine provides the body with all the necessary nutrients and at the same time can protect you from various diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity or cardiovascular diseases. Of Öko-Test, there is a completely positive rating.

Who wants to grab the environment under the arms, can replace more animal products such as milk and yogurt by herbal Alternatives or even to a vegan diet a try.

However, Vegans need to pay attention to even more than a vegetarian on important substances such as Vitamin B12, calcium and iron through food or Supplement.

Strict Low-Carb-diets – the climate killer

In the case of the procurement of information, to diets and slimming methods, you stumble today, sooner or later, with security on a specific topic: The Low Carb diet in a variety of forms.

In all of these special forms is to keep the carbohydrate content as low as possible. Depending on the diet, the body will draw between five and 30 percent of daily calories from Carbs.

Accordingly, grease – and protein-rich food in the foreground. In addition to a few vegetables and fruits, nuts, and vegetable fats, primarily of animal products.

What is the limited food selection is quite difficult to endure, does not benefit the climate at all, and by finding in this regard smooth in the Test.

In spite of the many positive reviews, it is also questionable how healthy and long-lasting, effective losing weight with Keto, Atkins and co. is.

Öko-Test recommends that a permanent Low-Carb diet, “contains a lot of meat, fish, poultry, milk products, and eggs.”

Animal food would come several times a day on the table, which differed greatly from health recommendations.

Of the preferences depending on the

Another popular Trend is fast, the Interval. Probably the most widespread method is the 16:8 interval of fasting, the daily, 16 hours fasted and 8 hours on a whim to eat here.

Even though the fast followers are not restricted in their choice of Food, to be recorded nevertheless, constant customer follow – up book tip for fasting-the beginner’s fast guide to the Interval.

Of course, the interval can be fast to combine with all the other featured diet.

How environmentally-friendly the Whole, therefore depends on the own preferences. The food is vegetarian, which is excellent! You eat, however, every day a large Steak, the balance is not quite so advantageous.

Both for the body as well as for our blue planet, seems to be a plant-heavy diet, however, be simply the better choice – it’s worth a try.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “Sustainable weight loss: diets that are environment-friendly and at the same time to be healthy” will be published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.