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Their secret to spicing things up? “Role play.”

“Sure, you could go get a sex swing,” Matty told his co-hosts on a recent episode of Nova’s The Babble. “[Or try something that’s] simple and much more cost-effective: grow a moustache.”

After six weeks of growth since being in lockdown, there’s no denying Matty’s mo is rather impressive. And, evidently, his fiancé is all about his new look.

“When Laura and I were intimate for the first time after I had the moustache, it did get in the way a little bit,” he admitted. “Lights were off, we’re in bed, now is the time and then she kept on giggling.”

“She apologised and said, ‘I’m sorry, it keeps tickling me.'”

Laura told him she felt like she was “having sex with another man.” As if she was “having an affair.” But rather than take offence, Matty fully indulged the fantasy.

“One of the best things to happen to me was deciding to grow this moustache,” he wrote on Insta.

“I’ve never felt more masculine yet beautiful at the same time.”

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