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Because of their particular load in the Corona-crisis care workers receive a special bonus of 1500 Euro. The Verdi trade Union and the Confederation of employers agreed in the care industry (BVAP) on the weekend, such as Verdi announced on Monday.

The vertices of a special collective agreement provides that full-time Employees in the residential long-term care and outpatient care with the July salary will also receive 1500 Euro, part-time employees a share according to their hours actually worked.

Nurses will receive 1500 Euro bonus

The premium to skilled workers, according to the of nursing, care assistants, and care of lines to be paid. Everyday companion and companion Care staff and service workers will benefit. Apprentices in care should receive a bonus of 900 euros.

The parties to the collective agreement based on the scope of the nursing minimum wage. The collective conclusion of the respective decision-making bodies of the parties to the collective agreement to discuss.

Verdi Board member Sylvia Bühler urged to declare the collective agreement to be generally binding, all employers would have to pay this premium, even the commercial suppliers, “the fair wages for the responsible work in the maintenance refuse”. The Corona-pandemic lead the eyes of all, the importance of the care of old and dependent people. “The market and competition have nothing to do here, the policy needs to change course urgently,” demanded Buhler.

For the BVAP Board member of the Gero Kettler pointed out that the bonus was a recognition of the special burden in this crisis, and by no means an adequate remuneration for the also in the everyday life of responsibility, often onerous and poorly paid work to replace. Therefore, BVAP, and Verdi worked on it, to conclude a collective agreement, should be extended to all employers.

Both parties emphasised that nursing homes and outpatient services should be reported immediately with protective equipment supplied. Here you sit “on a powder keg” that could compensate for no money in the world, warned Kettler and Buhler agreed.

Bonus payments to workers for their use in Coronavirus pandemic, are tax – and social insurance. This applies for aid or benefits in kind up to a height one-time payment of 1500 Euro, as the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Friday had been declared.

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