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In Florida it looks in the last few days, as always this time of year: thousands of students gather there on the beaches and in the Bars, the spring break – Spring Break wet so-to celebrate cheerful as possible. Images that are hard to believe in a time in which Donald Trump himself, “so to speak as a President in a time of war” referred to.

Without having to take such a Pathos of their head of state seriously, should remain American youth currently actually at home, the spread of the novel Coronavirus is from the curb, but on your annual super bash you don’t want to be without then.


For the legendary SO 36 and it might be tight, as the Coronavirus is a threat to the Club scene

“You Gotta Fight For You Right To Party” was as Remmidemmi anthem by the Beastie Boys, the Motto of previous generations than that, the sniffing, just through Fort Lauderdale or Daytona Beach, but with their ignorance, which shows in German cities these days, similar to open, slips the Kids a conflict that the “Wall Street Journal” referred to already as “the war of the generations”.

So is it impossible for the Virus is-curve to flatten out

And so is not celebrated only on the beaches of Florida, also in the student halls of residence End-of-the-world”parties, instead of with the Corona-parties in Europe, comparable to find “. Apparently, the majority of young people feel that the statistics confirmed that Covid-19-patients under 30 years of age usually have no or only very mild symptoms.

The Problem is that you can infect in spite of the harmless curves just as easily as older ones, and you can pass the Virus as well. Epidemiologists fear that the refusal of the youth to maintain social distance, will be impossible, the Virus curve to flatten out.

The celebration-happy Millennials, it seems, nevertheless, relatively unimportant: “If I get a Corona, then so be it,” said a 23-year-old Student to the Reuters news Agency: “That’s not gonna stop me from partying.” A 21-year-old student from Wisconsin, the closures of Bars or beaches stops is also exaggerated. And that the Virus was no real crisis, says a 21-Year-old from Indiana: “There are worse things in the world such as Hunger and poverty. That’s why we should take care of us.”

Coronavirus Pandemic

"To hear, old people umzubringen": As a musician exhort their celebrating Fans

This are the times in which the people in the USA can’t even hold to your President to get a good piece of advice, more and more celebrities are forced to send a reminder to the youth to Express yourself at home in this crisis. Hollywood Star Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked the students to refrain from in the semester holidays in the usual boisterous parties. “Remains. To. Home. Also you’re meant Spring Breakers,” wrote the actor (“Terminator”) and Ex-politicians on Instagram and Twitter.

Students on the beach of Fort Lauderdale … thousands of students spend the Spingbreak, such as the spring vacation of the study farms at Colleges and universities in the United States are called, in Florida

AOC and Schwarzenegger to speak

Including the Austrian-born Schwarzenegger linked a short Clip, in which he is in the in-house swimming Pool and cigar Smoking to the people applies: “I see still photos and Videos in which people around the world sitting outside in cafes and have a lovely time. This is not smart, because you get the Virus.”

Also, the democratic members of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sent an urgent reminder to your Followers.

Especially healthy people under 40 would seem to hear again that you do not spend time in Bars, Restaurants, and public spaces, and should instead have their meals home to eat, wrote to AOC: Who was healthy, could spread Covid-19 anyway.

Nothing to add except this: Who is naked and drunk celebrating on the beach, first right.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, news agencies DPA and Reuters

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