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Dry cough, shortness of breath and fever the Occurrence of these symptoms ring bells with many people at the moment, all of the alarm.

The spread of Covid-limit 19 is stopped, the population in the case of suspicion of infection, your symptoms over the phone with the family doctor or the local health Department to clarify.

This initial risk assessment will now take a “Corona-Bot” – this should be able to assess whether it could be with certain symptoms, in fact, Corona.

For this purpose, the Health Innovation Hub (HIH) on its Website under the Heading “Corona digital” think of something.

Better care through digitization

The “Health Innovation Hub” is already gone in April of last year at the Start. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn aims with this development especially on the opportunities of digitization for better patient care.

The Team consists of twelve experts, each with its own area of expertise – including pharmacists, Ralf König, which advises the German health Ministry for health (BMG) in the case of the digitization of the pharmacy market.

In addition, the BMG will be faced with questions for further digitization in the healthcare sector on the page – the task of the team is to explore especially the opportunities of digitisation, as well as to develop ideas and concepts for the design of the supply and for the digital Transformation.

The Chatbot was developed by the company Docyet. The Start-Up from Leipzig works together with various insurance companies and other partners from the health sector.

Via Chat to the first risk assessment

The Health Innovation Hub provides on its Website corona – based content and information can be found online in the section “Corona digital”, which contains a growing collection of neutral information about the topic of Coronavirus.

In addition to the Newsletter offered a further novelty: the “Corona-Bot found”. This digital health assistant should be able to estimate via Chat in a few steps, whether it actually has symptoms of the Coronavirus and whether it could be a Corona.

For these assessments, the Chatbot will be updated daily on the Basis of the latest scientific publications and to information of the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal government.

Thus, the evaluation works with the Corona-Bot

Who has decided that an assessment of these symptoms using of the Corona-Bots to carry out, this can directly select the start – alternatively, it is also the opportunity to inform themselves at first only in detail about the Virus.

If you have opted for the Test, you can let on the basis of several criteria, the personal risk of corona infection is determined.

During the survey, for example, information on the symptoms and places need to be made, where it has stayed for the past 2 weeks, mainly, or if you have had contact to the Infected. Based on his results, the Chatbot provides a guide to action.

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The Corona-Bot does not replace a doctor or lab test

So practically, the Corona-Bot might be, He determined first of all only an estimate – not a precise diagnosis.

A doctor or the necessary Tests in the lab, he can’t replace so-so. A risk assessment on the Basis of the symptoms, locations and contact persons is possible.

Those who would like to be then sure, you should apply as soon as possible, initially by phone to the physician or the competent health authority, to a further assessment to obtain and discuss further steps and measures.

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, and an infection is prompted for the population, measures such as Social Distancing and proper hand-hygiene to be observed and to leave the house only for important activities.

Antonia Hagedorn

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