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People who have hereditary values due to high cholesterol, get for decades, the advice to eat less saturated fatty acids. A new study suggests that it is for the better health would be to forgo carbs.

An international Team of experts for heart disease and diet has found no evidence that a low-fat diet has a positive effect on the health of a family-increased cholesterol due to the. "In the last 80 years, these patients were instructed to reduce their cholesterol levels with a low-fat diet. Our study has shown that a ‚herzgesündere‘ Diet a low-sugar and low-fat ist", the cardiologist Prof. Dr. David Diamond of the University of South Florida said. The results of the study are in the journal "BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine".

Most effective in an increased risk for heart a low-carbohydrate diet was disease, not only in individuals with a high level of cholesterol, but also for people with Overweight, hypertension and Diabetes. Their results are consistent with another recently in the "Journal of the American College of Cardiology" article published, which also provided evidence that instead of Oils, and animal food-prefer food to be waived, the increase in blood sugar, such as bread, potatoes and sweets.