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If pasta with Pesto or potato dishes: boiled, If, are often leftovers. Who does not know it?

And because it sometimes has to go fast or you just didn’t move really feel like everything immediately, this food sometimes for some time or even overnight, simply to stand at the stove.

But the stuff should eat it the next day, really?

Fast nucleation in wet dishes

“Just a moisture-containing food can develop relatively quickly germs – and now, when it gets really hot, I would let the dishes definitely stand out there,” says Dagmar von Cramm, Nutritionist and author based in Freiburg, Germany.

Because bacteria and fungi love the high water activity at the surface of these products.

“By warm temperatures, oxygen and light, the vitamin content will be reduced,” says von Cramm.

In addition, it will come quickly to changes in Taste. That in a short time, however, toxins are created, rather, in the case of protein-rich foods.

Not a complete Cool down is necessary

“It is not true that you should let the food after cooking once completely cool,” says von Cramm.

The Portion, the more you want to eat, belong to instead immediately in the refrigerator, for example, in a Meal Prep box. “This should be the basic rule.”

It is not a Drama, however, if you forget the once.

The expert advises to do in case of noodles and potatoes, which remained on the stove, the smell test and, for example, check to see on the noodles already mold.

“Ultimately, I would pasta or potatoes, in any case, again in the pot or the frying pan,” advises Cramm. If you want to make from the remains of a salad, be the Whole, however, something delicate – and then the leftovers should be consumed very quickly.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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