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By the Corona-crisis, a new awareness of food in Germany ” – and for the work of those who produce it,” says food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) on Friday in Berlin. There she presented the results of the survey of the Federal state Ministry of economic Affairs commissioned “nutrition reports 2020”. Thus, the meat consumption of the Germans is, among other things, continue to decline slightly, said Klöckner. Also would have won due to the pandemic of products from the Region of “importance”.

According to the survey, the Corona-crisis, for the opinion research Institute Forsa interviewed in mid-April, 1004 Federal citizens from the age of 14, and cook for 30 per cent of the Federal citizens more often than before – only three percent recycle less often than before the crisis self-cooked dishes. 21 per cent are cooking more often (less often: nine per cent). 20 percent indicate that they use more fresh ingredients (less five percent).

Conversely, it looks according to the survey, in the case of finished products: Here is a quarter of respondents (25 percent) says that they use these products less often than before the crisis, and only seven percent more often.

“Nutrition report 2020”: increase in demand for products from the Region

When shopping the vast majority of respondents (82 percent) that a product comes from your Region. Only 17 percent of the measure with no greater or no value.


If the meat to the proles-is-Eating – this is the secret meaning behind our food

The regional origin of the respondents, especially in the case of fresh fruit and vegetables (88 percent), as well as dairy products and eggs (87 percent) very important or important; in the case of bread, there are 84 per cent and in the case of meat and sausage 80 per cent. In the case of feedingstuffs for animals from which such meat or milk is, however, only 54 per cent of the Federal citizens of the origin is important.

The storage of foodstuffs, such as flour, sugar, canned food and beverages has gained 17 percent of the citizens in the Corona-crisis importance. The majority (82 percent) believe that their attitude in this respect, nothing has changed.

A third of respondents (33 percent) would do according to their own figures more than a week with their inventories of food. A similar proportion (37 per cent) think to come to a maximum of two weeks. 17 percent believe that their food supplies for up to three weeks, and eleven per cent even, that they last longer than three weeks.

Association about the importance of the domestic agriculture is pleased

The importance of domestic agriculture has gained for 39 percent of the citizens in the Corona-crisis importance. In the case of the 14 – to 29-Year-old says this almost every Second (47 percent).

The President of the German farmers ‘ Association, Joachim Rukwied, said those Figures pleased. At the same time, he stressed that there is the supply of high-quality regional foods, with a simultaneous expansion of efforts for more environmental, climate protection and animal welfare “at zero cost”. This should reflect in a higher price for food, he demanded. In addition, this needed to be on value “the farmers”.

The “nutrition report 2020” also contains a survey of the opinion of researchers, about a thousand German citizens between December and January. Then the Germans put the food in front of particular value to the fact that it “gets tasty, healthy and fast”. 32 percent, it is important that the food is inexpensive.

Meat consumption continues to decline. 26 per cent say that they eat every day sausage, or meat. In the first “nutrition report” five years ago, there were still 34 percent, in the past year, 28 per cent.

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