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The number of infections with the Coronavirus in Sweden continues to grow: In the past week, health organization WHO and the European centre for disease prevention and control (ECDC), according to the world 9094 new cases have been added. Thus, in Sweden according to the WHO and ECDC 65.137 infections in total, registered, 5280 people have died as a result of Covid-19. Also, the Swedish health authority reports these Numbers. (As Of Monday Morning)


Swedish exceptionalism: the chief epidemiologist Tegnell insight shows. Or is it not?

The Figures come just days after the WHO had classified due to the strong infection events, a number of European countries as being particularly at risk. Among the countries of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Ukraine and also Sweden, in addition to Albania, to the North.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell had criticized the classification of Sweden by the WHO. He stated that the high number of new infection cases, related that in Sweden, were increasingly tested. He described the WHO-evaluation as a “total error” and “very unhappy”.

Tourist regions in Sweden under pressure

The Swedish health authorities reported on Monday that the health care in the tourist regions in Sweden could in the summer due to increased Covid-19-cases under pressure. The Swedish public broadcasting reported. You assume, therefore, that in the regions of Kalmar, Gotland, Halland and Dalarna tourists a infection to happen or could reinforce.

In the “worst case scenario” would have to be taken further measures, such as a Umpriorisierung in the health care or the holiday of nurses, so Markus Lingman, head physician for Halland hospital.

Sweden is driving, and drove in comparison to other European countries, a weaker course in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. So Restaurants were open, for example, under pads, as well as schools and many businesses. There is increasing emphasis was placed on awareness rather than on rules. For this course are Anders Tegnell the Swedish government has often been criticized. Tegnell admitted, in the meantime, first error is in relation to the high mortality in the elderly by Covid-19 in the country.

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