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You can see in the Video: Thuringia wants to finish the Corona Lockdown at the beginning of June to – mouth protection, and clearance rules are a thing of the past.

The Land of Thüringen wants to end the beginning of June, the General Corona-restrictions. Thus, the country-wide rules would belong to the minimum intervals, the Wearing mouth-nose protection, as well as contact restrictions of the past. Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow of The Left party said the Newspapers of the media group Thüringen: “6. June, I would like to cancel the General Lockdown, and by a package of measures to replace the local appropriations in the foreground.” The Details of which are to be advise, according to a government spokesperson in the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. In the place of country wide specifications would then occur only by local measures, if in a Region of a certain infection rate is exceeded. A limit of 35 new HIV infections per 100 000 inhabitants within a week of the interview.