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Sometimes, all it takes to get a picky eater to sit down and enjoy their lunch is to jazz it up a bit. One of the best ways to do that in a flash is to dress up their lunch with a cheerful, colorful kid lunch box so that they won’t be able to resist seeing what’s inside. Or, maybe the reason they’re refusing to eat their lunch is because they don’t like their food touching (which, we can’t blame them), so a bento box style option could be one of the best kid lunch boxes to get them to eat their food.

Aside from making lunchtime more fun for your little one, the best part about picking out a reusable kid lunch box is that they’re more eco-friendly since you’re not using paper bags. So, you can feel good about helping out the environment while getting your child to finally pick up those carrot sticks. To save you time to put toward making lunches, we’ve rounded up the best kid lunch boxes for even the pickiest eaters.

1. PackIt Lunch Box

If you just need something that’s going to cheer them up in the middle of the day, this darling rainbow and unicorn patterned kid lunch box will not disappoint. This innovative lunch box features PackIt’s cooling technology, so your kid’s fruit and turkey sandwich won’t get cold when the clock hits lunchtime. To keep things cool, place the lunchbox in the freezer overnight (12 hours), and your child’s food will be kept cool at school the next day. The buckle lets your child attach it to their backpack so they can have one less thing to carry in the morning. With water-resistant lining, cleaning up is always easy and the lining will stay in tact even if something inside leaks.

2. Omiebox

Before, your child may have had to ask a teacher to warm up their food in the microwave, but an insulated kid lunch box can remove that step so they can get straight to eating. This customizable bento box boasts interchangeable compartments so you can make it fit to the type of food you’re putting inside. Unlike traditional kid lunch boxes, this smart version even has a removable thermos to keep pastas, soups and more hot. If you want to place a sandwich inside, simply take out the thermos for more room. So, if they’re in a lunch rut and tired of cold sandwiches, gain their interest with this thermos-enabled lunch box to mix things up.

3. Bentgo

There are a million reasons to swap out your regular paper bags for a reusable bento box. First off, it’s so satisfying (for you and your child) to have a compartment for all types of food, so your kid’s veggies don’t mix with dessert. This handy kid lunch box takes things a step further and even has a spot just for sauces and dips so it won’t leak onto anything you don’t want it to. If your kid is especially sensitive about foods touching, they’ll actually touch their lunch with this lunchtime saver. They’ll also love the neon green color, which is sure to brighten their day.

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