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In a time where the world is going through a pandemic being selfless, peaceful, helpful, calming, educating yourself and social distancing is so important. Being pregnant and already getting influenza b my first trimester there was no question about immediately going into hibernation. I thought about my baby’s safety immediately. I have been hibernating for a week or so already and have taken this time to increase my mediation, reading time, bonding time with Artem through fun activities, hanging with family, working from home, writing, playing board games and just enjoying the chill time. Brie and I have had to cancel a lot of exciting things in our career, it was hard to but it was the right thing to do. This is a time to sacrifice and help. Let’s all think of our elderly, one of the people I love most in this world is my Nana. The things I have seen on social media I couldn’t even imagine if it was my Nana in that situation. Broke my heart. If you can and it’s safe for you, help our elderly, be thoughtful in the supplies you get, and see if you can do drop offs to them. This time is about hibernating, bonding, sharing and most importantly trying our best to be selfless and peaceful. Sending so much love and light to you all! 💛✨Also working on a very cool video with Artem for 9 million followers! Goodness thank you all! Love you all! And how blessed are we that we live in a time where we can stay connected through technology. Stay healthy and safe. ❤️🦋✨🌎

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Moments before the big reveal, Nikki confessed to her friends that while she didn't have a firm opinion, Chigvintsev hoped they were having a daughter.

"He wants a girl, and I'm like, I don't care," she says.

In a confessional, the mom-to-be goes on to share that from the first moment she saw their baby, she immediately had her own hunch.

"The first time I saw the 3D version of my baby I immediately thought a boy because the back was so jacked and strong," she says. "I was like, 'Oh damn, if that's a girl she's going to come out here and destroy people — which would be awesome."


The star then also announced they were having a boy on Instagram.

"Can’t wait for our little boy to arrive in August!!," she wrote.

Hours before the episode aired, Nikki teased the big reveal on social media.

"So excited to finally share the gender of @theartemc and I's baby with you all tonight on #totalbellas season finale!" she wrote alongside a series of images from the bash.

"We fiesta with family and friends and was just so perfect on welcoming the sex of this little baby we are bringing into the world in 7 weeks!" she added.

In his own post, Chigvintsev wrote: "Finally today is the day we don't have to keep a secret about gender of our baby, Nicole and I are so excited to share this with all of you!"

"Nicole I love you so so much and how much I appreciate you for going through with this pregnancy I know it could be challenging at times, you’ll make the best mom ever," he added.

Total Bellas airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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