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Spring time is pollen time, and like every year, suffering now and again many people under the burden of hay fever.

In a trial with 25 Affected an amazing conditioning could be found on the environment. The factor of sleep played an important role in this.

The reverse Placebo effect

In an Experiment on the topic of allergic reactions, that led the research team, under the leadership of Dr. Luciana Besedovsky and Professor Jan Born from the Institute of Medical psychology and Behavioral neurobiology, University of Tübingen, could not be confirmed, the so-called Nocebo effect again.

The reverse Placebo effect causes a clinically measurable response in spite of the Absence of a direct trigger. This can be due to a conditioned response to a neutral Situation.

Hay fever grass or birch pollen

At 25 tested, Allergy sufferers could be demonstrated in an experiment that it is possible to have an allergic reaction without direct contact with the allergenic trigger. The subject was given in the first run, a nasal spray with a certain fragrance and allergens.

In the second run – so the premise – would the scent alone, without the allergens, sufficient to provoke an allergic reaction. In fact, the results were, however, still relevant.

The part of the subjects who had slept eight hours, had to enter the examination room only the nose and dropped them.

Sleep is a relevant factor

To stay the part of the subjects who were encouraged to awake, not suffered the Nocebo effect. Because “such a conditioning – the Learning of a conditioned response to a neutral and safe Situation – [] only after a sleep phase, which follows the conditioning, [up],” said the researchers.

This is due to the fact that these kinds of memory processes with the involvement of the sleep-dependent working Hippocampus expire.

“Only in sleep, the Connections of space, flow, and allergic reaction more likely.”

The conclusion is that there is the Nocebo effect in case of allergic reactions, provides both the Allergy, as well as for the sleep research critical information.

Of the direct conclusion to forego sleep to allergic reactions to prevent, discourage researchers, however.

Sleep and recovery are extremely important for many body functions, especially the Functioning of the immune system.


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Kimberly Papenthin

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