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Priligy tablets

In summer, when the temperatures rise, need drugs special protection. "Most of the medicines can also wear on a hot summer day without the concerns of the pharmacy home. But you aufbewahren&quot not to hot;, Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. Therefore, you should not store his medication at home on the Sunny window sill, but rather in a closet.

Most medicines are best stored between 15 and 25 degrees. The bathroom is not, therefore, for example, is the right place for the medicine Cabinet, because of the temperatures and the humidity can be very high.

Some medicines also belong in the refrigerator, for example, Insulins. If it is noted on the packaging, they should be between 2 and 8 degrees kept. Benkert: "There are also cold-chain-requiring medicines, which also need during the Transport from the pharmacy to the patient a continuous cooling. These are not suitable for shipping by Post." The pharmacist recommends, to obtain refrigerated medicines in a pharmacy on-site.

What to do with drugs in a lälonger car journey?

Heat can damage the drug, excluding that which is outwardly apparent. For example, asthma sprays are to be stored out of direct sunlight, may change in the dosing accuracy and efficacy. Other changes can also be seen. Suppositories are, for example, once melted, can distribute the active ingredients in the Foundation is uneven. This also makes them after the Cool down useless. In the case of creams heat can change the consistency and the components separate.

Heat-sensitive drugs can be in a cooler bag without the cooling elements stowed. But be careful in the use of cooling drugs, because you are not allowed to go freezing. They should be wrapped in the cooler with a towel to avoid direct contact with a cooling battery. In the summer, can be stowed while driving a car medication during the journey under a front seat, because it remains relatively cool.


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