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The time is short, the fridge is empty, and the children are hungry? Who has in these moments, a pack of fish sticks in the freezer, is well advised. The fried fish tastes, too many nagging eaters and quick to prepare. The more time you should allow to the purchase of the swab, such as a current Check of the “Ökotest” shows. Because fish is not chopsticks chopsticks the same fish. Depending on the manufacturer, there are light and shadow.

20 products has taken “Ökotest” closer under the magnifying glass. How were caught the fish? Controversial methods were used? How transparent is the manufacturer to communicate? And what about the ingredients? These questions interested the examiners particularly.

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For enjoyment with a clear Conscience, you do not need to be a vegetarian

The good news first: More than half of the swab can convince. Twelve of the 20 products from the cut “very good” or “good”. For the best grade, it needs impeccable ingredients, fish from sustainable fisheries, and transparency, writes “Ökotest”. Four manufacturers meet these expectations. Price-performance-winner in the bottom of the “very good” products are chopsticks the fish from Bofrost. Under the breaded Alaska Pollock sticks as is the case with many other products in the Test. The stocks in the North Pacific are considered to be big and healthy. The only fly in the ointment of Bofrost-goods: The breading had solved the Test easily.

Alnatura disappointed

Chopsticks are disappointed the testers of the “Alnatura fish”. According to the present documents the Pollock comes from the North sea and was caught with bottom trawls. “From a scientific point of view, a highly problematic method of fishing,” writes “Ökotest”. Also scientists from the Geomar Helmholtz centre for ocean research is a damning indictment of the type of fishery: Diverse marine communities on the ground would be turned “with a heavy device in a mud desert”. Alnatura refers, however, to the fact that comparatively light networks they use. In addition, the same corridors would be targeted to cold-water corals protect against destruction. “Ökotest” unable to vote in these notes graciously: The test result is “poor”.


Why we should all be more fish in cans to buy

Other providers place more value on sustainability – they use mostly pelagic, i.e., floating, drag-nets, not grinding, unlike trawl nets across the ocean floor. As particularly gentle on the fish with a mechanical hand-lines and traps shall apply. These methods are, for example, in the case of the Pollock-sticks of the “Wild Ocean” and the “Käpt’n Iglo 8 salmon sticks” to use.

Fat pollutants are a Problem

In terms of ingredients, there are large differences. Dangerous germs or mineral Oil components found by the auditors in any single product. Five fish fingers, however, had increased or greatly increased levels of the Fat contaminant 3-MCPD. In animal studies, the substance kidney damage have been demonstrated.

The conclusion of the lights in the pollutant load, the “Käpt’n Iglo chopsticks are 15 fish” and the “ice cream man, fish sticks”. The values were increased according to the “Ökotest”, respectively “strong”. Iglo presented a counter-opinion. It had a lower 3-MCPD content – according to the criteria in the test report, this would be classified still as “increases”, so “Ökotest”.

In terms of taste, the conclusion of the Tester is positive: “most are crispy and delicious,” says “Ökotest”. In General, fish bones are also unhealthy – they contain high-quality protein and valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Who sticks his fish in the oven instead of the fat in the pan is prepared, thereby saves unnecessary fat.

The entire Test, there is a fee here.

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