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At risk by the novel, in particular the Elderly, is to say it again and again.

Meanwhile, more and more cases are known, however, to fight in those patients under 50 years of age with severe disease have.

It is clear that not only the elderly belong to the risk group, but in principle, all people, whether young or old, with Vorerkankungen.

But what pre-existing condition is actually called “”? In which diseases it can be in terms of Covid-19 dangerous – and why?

Young, especially to be protected persons

The Robert-Koch Institute, which lists a whole range of groups of people, the “have according to previous findings, a higher risk for a severe course of the disease.”

“The can be patients with immune suppression, with tumor diseases. However, it can be disease patients with metabolic reason, so diabetics, people that fat is just a high body Index.

And people also damage to the heart and lungs pre. Especially heart-damaged seem to be affected. So we have a few, but to be explained especially protective of persons in the younger groups of the population”, the virologist Christian Drosten in the Podcast ‘Corona-Update’ from NDR Info.

For these to be protected, especially people of the Coronavirus respiratory can cause problems to pneumonia with fatal outcome.

Especially those who already suffering from respiratory problems, therefore, has a health disadvantage in the fight against Covid-19.

But why pre-existing conditions like heart problems, Diabetes, and co. in the case of an infection with the Coronavirus, apparently, for severe courses of the disease?

Pre-existing conditions at a Glance

Weakened Immune System

Thus, among other things, Affected with cancer are getting chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

A weakened immune system also have patients after an organ transplant, the strong medications to prevent rejection of the new organ suppress.

In this, immunosuppressants are used to aware the immune system down.


Permanently elevated blood sugar levels weaken the immune system. In addition, febrile infectious diseases can bring, the blood sugar values of a mess.

Heart problems

Especially in China, the patient was diagnosed with Corona-in the context of infection with a variety of heart diseases. How, in principle, any Virus, as a Professor Drosten, explains the Coronavirus seems, therefore, to the heart can affect.

Anyone who already has a weak heart, needs to be counted, therefore, the at-risk group.

Other Basic Diseases

Here, for example, chronic inflammatory bowel list diseases such as Crohn’s disease or inflammatory articular rheumatism.

Then the body is already in a chronic defensive posture and may be overwhelmed when an additional infection shows up.

In addition, the defense can be weakened forces, if a patient is an increased intake of cortisone tablets is necessary.

People in the risk group to be informed

The term “pre-existing condition” means in this sense, so no protracted cold or a stomach flu that has dragged on may have just claimed the body’s own Abwerkräfte.

There are mainly people with chronic diseases, whose immune systems must already work without the need for additional infection in full swing, for the novel Virus may be especially dangerous.

In General, the currently vulnerable people know about this increased risk know, the Doctors treated clarify in detail about the prevention of infections.

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#At-risk group: do not ignore Please

Not explicitly as a risk group, but still highly vulnerable, people with disabilities are listed, by the way.

In the social media of the Hashtag #risk group, especially young people, tell, what are the health restrictions to allow for the risk group is spreading because of that.

Associated with a call associated at all Healthy, to keep to the safety measures to contain the Coronavirus – out of consideration for the risk groups for the disease fatal could.

“The Coronavirus is not for the individual dangerous, but for the company. And as a person with a disability I am part of this society”, reported, for example, the 21-Year-old Sabrina, who was born with only half a heart, in an Interview with ‘time’.

In addition, it is from the pages of the Robert Koch-Institute expressly, that in the case of younger persons without detectable pre-existing condition is already severe courses of the disease were observed.

Also, but not only out of solidarity should, therefore, take no more is an infection with the Coronavirus lightly; no matter whether old or young, and whether with or without serious pre-existing conditions.


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Important note: The information in this article contains only General information. For the diagnosis of a health problem we recommend visiting by trained and recognised Physicians.

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